Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WhiteHeart Wednesday

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A Love Calling
Like the dawn breakin’
The Light came shinin’ through
And a heart broken
Is now a heart given to You
But still there’s somethin’ deeper
Somethin’ more than gratitude
And it’s
There’s so much more that we can do

We’ve got a Love callin’
A Love callin’
Oh we’ve got a Love callin’
‘Cause we hear Love callin’

Ah there’s a new wind blowin’
Since we’ve been given this call
When Your Spirit is leadin’
Oh it doesn’t feel like a burden at all
There are still lands locked in darkness
There are hearts like an empty room
And we’ll never know how to help them
Until Father
We listen to You

We’ve got a Love callin’
A Love callin’
Oh we got a Love callin’
‘Cause we hear Love callin’

Like the rustle of an autumn breeze
I can hear You whisper inside of me
And I know
In my heart of hearts I do believe
Now I’m thankin’ You for givin’ me

A Love callin’
Oh a Love callin’
Oh we’ve got a Love callin’
‘Cause we hear Love callin’
Callin’ for a new vision
Oh a heart mission
Oh and it’s drawin’
It’s drawin’ us
‘Cause we hear Love callin’

A love callin’

Do you hear His love callin’
Do you give yourself away

Oh do you feel He’s drawin’ you nearer

Do you feel Him drawin’ near you

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  1. I read the comment from anonymous and forgot what I was going to say :)

  2. I am really sorry about that, my dear Ann. I have debated whether or not to at least make it to where commenters have to be registered in some way, but that might scare off someone who really does have something legitimate to add and want to remain anonymous for some reason or another. When it comes to the business of our Heavenly Father, comments like that can have the most impact, but the spam "stuff" does make it difficult. Thanks for stopping by again!!!


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