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[Impending Service Interruptus] is a republishing of the same article that was first published here.

[ESPN Additions] has Richard Simmons serving as a conditioning coach for the staff.

[WhiteHeart Wednesday] contains a video and the lyrics for Dominate.

Okay, I must admit that the headline to this piece is meant for dramatic effect.  For the heart of the [Confederacy] did not stop beating when the last shot in the Civil War was fired.

Be assured that I know this from personal experience.  For I was raised in an area where many refused to recognize the sovereignty of the United States federal government, and they were quite proud of the fact that [Cassville] served as the Confederate capitol of Missouri for a day or so after [Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson] called for the secession of the state in 1861.

On a more personal note, I was right in there with them until our Heavenly Father started changing me.  Quite honestly, I still find the thought of the Union being much more in the right rather irksome.

No, I have never been in favor of slavery.  I was, however, a very strong supporter of state’s rights, and now being more of a [Federalist] is another thing that doesn’t sit all that well with me.

I do believe that more would be more inclined toward federalism if we could elect a president who wanted the federal government to truly work with the states instead of just issue mandates that do not take regional wants and needs into account.  For I cannot imagine any state legislature refusing what the vast resources of the federal government could help with, and if anyone thinks that we would be better off with each state acting like its own sovereign entity, they have not thought things completely through.  After all, why should tax dollars from California help pay for the dredging of the Mississippi River when they have docks on the Pacific coast to send and receive their own trade goods?

Yeah, I suppose I should come down off of my soapbox for a little bit and get to what moved me (naturally-speaking, of course) to write about such.  For our own Republican candidate for the United States Senate, [Todd Akin], is not the only candidate in the general area causing the “stuff” to hit the proverbial fan on a national scale.  For the news has been breaking that [Jon Hubbard] considers the being of a slave in this country a blessing to those who were able to endure it.  Along with [Loy Mauch] calling President Abraham Lincoln a war criminal for committing premeditated murder on the United States Constitution.  As well as [Charlie Fuqua] insisting that disrespectful children should face the death penalty in a court of law.

No, the execution of disrespectful children was not an obscure clause in the Confederate Constitution, but it most definitely fits under the state’s rights heading.  Alas, Mr. Fuqua must have skipped over: So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty.  For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment. [James 2:12-13 KJV]

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  1. i was raised in the north...yeah, a a father who didn't believe that a person's 'color' had anything to do with WHO he/she is. when i moved to the south (florida) was like a culture shock! yikes!

    anyway, i'm not very political...but i DO NOT think a person's religion should have anything to do with decisions made in creating or changing laws. people...women...should have freedom of CHOICE! our country needs to 'work together' as a whole...

  2. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Laura!!! Racism was really not much of an issue in the part of southwestern Missouri that I was mostly raised in. For to the extent that I was aware of, the only person of "color" living in Barry County during my high school years was a half-black girl in a neighboring town who eventually became quite a sensation when she turned out to be quite an athlete. Ironically, my first direct experience with overt racism happened when I went up to a group of black guys (from Cleveland, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois) while I was in Army basic training (at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina) to ask if they knew how to get somewhere. Be assured that it came as quite a shock to me when they acted like I had lost my mind to just walk up and ask them something like that as if there was no difference between us. Thankfully, we became friends over the next few weeks while being in the same training platoon together.

    Now, the religious issue is certainly a rather sensitive subject. For if someone is truly serious about what they believe, there is no way that it cannot have an influence upon the decisions they make. Quite tragically, far too many in the Christian community have any idea just who our Heavenly Father truly is and what He wants to accomplish in this world--nor do they really care to know. Proof of that can be easily seen in their political activism. For if they knew Him as well as He would have them to, they would understand that it would not matter if something like abortion is legal or not if no one wanted to have one, and making it illegal cannot make someone not want to have one or see anything really wrong with someone else having one, which is what condemns them.

  3. Hi Jerry! I finally made it in to look around and you are correct the title of this piece. Between the title and the imagery of that awful looking flag I came here to read this article first thing. I was very relieved to find your views about this topic are not in line with what that flag represents. I have never been one to purposely hold prejudice feelings toward anyone.

    I am old enough and was raised in and around Texas all of my life and I my parents were older when they adopted me. My mother was born in 1914 and she was definitely raised with all of the south's prejudices against all races other than Anglo-Saxon. But, I have always been hard headed and an independent thinker so my family's point of view and mine rarely if ever were the same.

    I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters and as long as they married a good man the color of skin would not and does not even count s a factor for me. As a matter of fact m youngest granddaughter is half Mexican. She is growing up learning 2 languages and oh my she is just adorable.

    My last comment o this article pertains to your remark and the other young woman's remark about our faith and how it affects our life. I am in total agreement with you. I have no clue how in the world you could have a relationship with the Lord and separate yourself fro that relationship when making any decisions, including political ideology.

    I am glad I finally got into my Google account and got up ere for a visit. My satellite is super slow right now and I can't listen to or download any music. I really want to download those 2 videos of Christina (I can never spell her last name) but you know who I a talking about. I will try to drop by when I get some speed built back up and get the names of those 2 songs and go up to YouTube and dl them.

    I hope you have a great day!!

  4. I am on really strong medication after having major dental work in the last week. Please forgive all of my spelling and grammar mistakes.

    I just looked at my comment and wow I made a lot of mistakes.

    Happy Day!!:-)

  5. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Jackie!!! I fell in love with Christina's "The Voice Within" the first time I heard it--despite understanding that it is meant to encourage believing in ourselves instead of our Heavenly Father's Holy Spirit. I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Although, you might not be feeling all that bad now if they gave you the "good stuff." (LOL?)


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