Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Angie Harmon

Arlynda absolutely loves [Rizzoli & Isles], which stars [Angie Harmon] and [Sasha Alexandeer], and I have admired Angie from first sight for some very obvious reasons (to us manly men).  What neither one of us realized until Angie had an episode on [Who Do You Think You Are?], is that she deserves to win at least a dozen [Emmys] every year she stars on a television show.  For when working without a script (as in real-life) she appears to be a blithering idiot.

Okay, maybe that was a little harsh, but if you saw her in pursuit of her [family roots], you should at least understand what I mean.  Well, maybe not.  For I have been being made more and more aware of how oblivious far too many are when it comes to history—even historical events that have affected them directly.

To get more down to her nitty-gritty, which no longer sounds as appealing to me as it did before the depths of her cluelessness was revealed, the focus of her hunt for members of her family tree settled upon a German immigrant, who came over here as an indentured servant and wound up serving in a Continental Army unit mustered out of Philadelphia in the earliest days of our Revolutionary War.  My immediate thought was wondering if he was at [Valley Forge], and sure enough, he was.  Angie had no idea what any of this was about.

Yeah, I suppose it is possible that she was actually acting like a blithering idiot on Who Do You Think You Are? in order to make the completely clueless about history feel a little better about themselves.  For others featured on the show have been just like Angie.  [Chris O’Donnell] had no idea about the significance of having a direct relative inside of [Fort McHenry] on the night it was being shelled by British ships and The Star-Spangled Banner was being penned in 1814.  Although, there have also been several who acquitted themselves very well.  So, I have my doubts about the acting like an idiot possibility.

I failed to find when Who Do You Think You Are? will return (if ever).  In the meantime, you can watch Angie Harmon acting like an incredibly intelligent woman on Rizzoli & Isles and marvel at what a brilliant actress she evidently is with a script to follow.

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  1. The UK version of this show has only one intention at all times, that is to make the individual burst into tears at every opportunity! Such badly made programmes I ignore for the most part. Watching a woman cry because some great forefather went into the workhouse does not appeal, especially when emotional strain has been deliberately put onto the individual just to get that response.
    Dearie me, Tv is such crap these days.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Adullamite!!! Yeah, I think I have stumbled across the British version of Who Do You Think You Are a couple of times while searching for something interesting to watch on YouTube. In all fairness, it was a shame that the authorities back then almost always broke up families that received government assistance, and we still do the same in far too many cases, which certainly does not make it any less of a shame. Apart from that, the old British workhouse system did not sound like all that bad of a proposition when considering the kind of independent work generally available to the downtrodden back then. Well, at least their medical needs for looked out for while miners and factory workers were usually on their own.


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