Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Sunday Drive

Back during my childhood, our parents would often load up my brother and me after Sunday morning church services for a leisurely drive around where we lived.  Even though we were seeing mostly familiar sights, it was still good to see them, and this is why “A Sunday Drive” sounded about right for the name of a weekly series revisiting familiar sites that are well worth seeing again and again.  The link below the image is to the site itself, and the image is linked to the post it was first included in here.

 Link: [JoJo's Joys]

 Link: [Mindful God]

 Link: [Mom On Duty]

 Link: [My Writing]

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  1. Thanks Jerry,

    I too had the same chldhood, packed in Dad's little Fiat, after church we went places, esp to the airport to see the Fokker riendship planes.

  2. You are most welcome, and thanks for being so considerate, my dear Ann!!! From all of the commercials lately, it would seem that Fiat is trying to make a comeback here in America.

  3. Could you put the pedal to the metal? I'm tired and sore from working at the craft fair yesterday and I wanna get home for a nap.

  4. Checked out My Writing. I love JoJo's Joys and Just Be Real. sandie

  5. I'm with Lin, I need a nap

  6. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Grace!!! I am sorry that you had trouble. It worked when I tried it just now.

  7. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Lin!!! Yes, I am quite sure that watching Joe do all of the work is most tiresome.

  8. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Sandie!!! You really do have an exquisite taste in sites to see.

  9. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! Alas, oh how I wish Lin was not such a bad influence on you.


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