Friday, September 28, 2012

Sites To See

The SOLE purpose of this weekly series is to help call attention to sites that I think many would find most interesting—in one way or another.  Just to be clear, inclusion in this series is not necessarily meant as a recommendation, and I have included sites that are rather disturbing to me.  The link below each image is to the site itself, and each image is linked to the particular post from which it was taken when applicable.  Please, go see for yourself.  Oh, and as of August 10, 2012, I will be no longer including sites that have auto-play and word verification engaged.

 Link: [Mandy Fish]

Please Also Visit:


  1. Cool groupings today, I actually am following one, and I'd love to check out the doggie one, but I fear that it might be a sad one, and just in case it is I can't do that to my emotions today! Have an awesome something really fun!

  2. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Karen!!! Nope, no need to shy away from Remington. For he appears to being doing quite well (a LOT better than me, actually).

    The song I just put up on The Trib might help with your struggles today. Please try to keep in mind that even what we naturally consider to be disastrous is for our ultimate good. Although, I have had a few fairly serious discussions with Him over the messes that I often find myself in.

  3. I've already visited Remington today so I think I'll go check out the nuthouse five first

  4. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! Sounds like a plan!

  5. The life and times of Remington is sweet and cute and funny!

  6. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Sandie!!! Yep, I wish I was a lot more like him. Sigh.


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