Monday, June 27, 2011

Come Monday...HBO's Game of Thrones

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I don’t know if I was just not paying attention again, or if HBO didn’t promote this new series as widely as they have done for others in the past. For I can remember seeing ads for [Treme], [True Blood] and [Boardwalk Empire] on a number of other channels before they came out, but it was not until the first season of [Game of Thrones] was almost over before I saw an ad for it on a regular (non-premium) channel.

Yeah, I think I would have remembered. For Game of Thrones looked like it had everything that would keep me entertained (Do I dare say enthralled? Yes, I do believe I shall.) from start to finish.

Be assured that I am very grateful for having access to [HBO On Demand]. For I was able to watch the entire first season, and I’ll be faunching at the bit until time for the second season to begin. If you don’t have access to HBO On Demand, [HBO GO] is another option.

You see, Game of Thrones starts out as three separate storylines that are interconnected with each other, and I suspect that it will all boil down to one storyline, with each of the three playing a part. For the throne in play is the one over the seven kingdoms of Westeros, which is a fictitious England and Wales.

The politics surrounding the Iron Throne, which is the seat of power over the seven kingdoms, is the main storyline. Although, the opening of the series has us up north of the wall, which is a fictitious [Hadrian’s Wall], and this is part of a second storyline. For the wall is mostly manned by the outcasts of the southern kingdoms, and their faithful service in the Night’s Watch gives them an opportunity for at least some redemption in the eyes of their fellowman.

The third storyline follows the banished descendents of a former king over the seven kingdoms, who are over in a fictitious region of eastern Europe/western Asia attempting to raise an army to take back what they believe has been stolen from them. Now, I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but I can tell you that the very last scene of this storyline for the season was enough to keep me watching for as long as the show still airs.

No, this is not to say that it does not have its share of “uncomfortable” parts. For those who feel faint at just the thought of full frontal nudity and strong sexual situations, be forewarned that the Game of Thrones has at least a couple of scenes per episode where this is shown in very graphic detail, and for lovers of animals, there are some scenes that will make you sick. Well, at least they did me.

Nonetheless, Game of Thrones is a keeper. The following video should give you an idea of why I think so.

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  1. no HBO here so I'm unfamiliar with this

  2. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! Pet wolves are featured. So, Duke might like the show?


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