Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Not every song that will be featured here will be what is generally considered as being “Christian” in the eyes of this world. For some will be anguished cries from the pit of despair, and others will be quite obviously ferverent rants of rebellion. Nonetheless, be assured that they will all be of our Heavenly Father (in one way or another) and I hope that you have been given ears to hear the message.

Black Sabbath
Finished with my woman
‘Cause she couldn’t help me
With my mind
People think I’m insane
Because I am frowning
All the time

All day long I think of things
But nothing seems
To satisfy
Think I’ll lose my mind
If I don’t find something
To pacify

Can you help me
Occupy my brain
Oh yeah

I need someone to show me
The things in life that
I can’t find
I can’t see the things
That make true happiness
I must be blind

Make a joke and I will sigh
And you will laugh
And I will cry
Happiness I cannot feel
And love to me
Is so unreal

And so as you hear
These words telling me now
Of my state
I tell you to enjoy life
I wish I could but
It’s too late

NOTE: The lyrics on the video are somewhat different from those taken from the album version, which are below.

Luke’s Wall/War Pigs
Black Sabbath
Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death’s construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds
Oh Lord yeah

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they got out to fight
They leave that role to the poor
Time will tell them they are powered minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait ‘til their Judgment Day comes

Now in darkness
World stops turning
Ashes were their bodies burning
No more war pigs have the power
Hand of God has struck the hour
Day of Judgment
God is calling
Underneath the war pigs crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan laughing
Spreads his wings
Oh Lord yeah

Lyrics From: [Dark Lyrics]

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  1. I have never really listened to Black Sabbath. I am sure I have in my younger years and just don't remember.

    I am terrible about remembering who does what songs.
    Happy day!

  2. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Jackie!!! I don't think anyone has ever really listened to the words of their songs when they have came over the radio, and I must admit that I was quite shocked with the lyrics of "Luke's Wall/War Pigs." For after I went through my change, I felt a strange attraction to the song, but I had no idea why until I copied the lyrics for this post. I wish I had of checked them out sooner.

  3. Paranoid! The Celtic football club anthem!

  4. sorry didn't even listen to these. I was never much of a Black Sabbath fan.

  5. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Adullamite!!! It would seem that they are not the only ones.

  6. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! I hope you at least read the lyrics to "Luke's Wall/War Pigs."


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