Monday, May 3, 2010

Come Monday...Some Things I Don't Understand

“Come Monday…” is a weekly series that will involve a review of, or commentary about, websites, movies, documentaries, television shows, sports, music, and whatever else may tickle my fancy at the time. Be assured that these reviews will be generally positive, as in accordance to the Jimmy Buffett song “Come Monday.” This is subject to change, however. In fact, I would be most derelict in my duties to neglect going on a rant every once in a while. For rants promote change, and change can be good—right? Therefore, since good is generally considered as being a positive force in 99.3% of the parallel universes that I am aware of, even a rant could be considered as being something positive, and a genuine hissy-fit would be even better (so I’m told).

It is fairly familiar topic here. For I have mentioned something or another about it several times, but since I am yet to receive an answer that brings it all home for me—here I go again.

Oh yeah, I suppose it would be helpful to explain that what I am talking about is spam comments—especially in regards to the ones that are left on older (sometimes practically ancient) posts. For I don’t understand what is to gain by leaving a comment on a post that is far less likely to be seen than others.

Okay, if you must know, what triggered this was 日月神教-任我行 leaving no less than 13 comments on no less than 13 posts here within a matter of minutes yesterday morning, with most of them being on posts from a year or more ago. If you are not familiar with日月神教-任我行, neither am I, but the comments that were left were for a Chinese detective agency, which came as a great disappointment quite a surprise to me. For I fully expected it to be links to various porn sites.

So, what is the purpose for this? I would think that a detective agency would realize that trying to advertise in a place where few are going to see it would not be the best way to draw attention to their business.

Could it be that this is a case of where someone is getting paid to place links here, there and everywhere, and they are placing them in places where the owners of the sites might not see them in the hope of the links still being up when whoever is paying them goes to confirm placement ? After all, if I was not set-up to receive email notifications of comments, it would be highly unlikely for me to see a spam comment that had been recently left on a post from over 2 years ago.

Come on now, somebody has to know something. SPILL IT! (Please?)

Stumbling along in the same land of confusion, my wife and I have received several inquiries from an outfit that claims to buy ugly houses. Perhaps you have seen one of their television ads? They are out there—be assured.

Yes, I understand self-depreciating humor. In fact, I make fun of myself all of the time (sometimes even intentionally), but I don’t understand how a complete stranger can expect me to want to do business with them when they are calling my house ugly!

Nothing personal? Perhaps? For it was a mailer that we have received from them, but that would still mean that we have been placed on some ugly house list—right? How did that happen? No, we have not been talking to anyone about possibly selling, and we do not plan on doing so for a long, long time—maybe never!

To end on a high note, I would like to express my great love and appreciation for one of the baddest (in a good way) gals there is, Mama ASID of [BadGals Radio], [Entrepod] and [Recycled Frockery] fame and fortune. For she has been sent into my life to help remind me of just how good and gracious our Heavenly Father truly is, and you would do well to listen carefully to EVERYTHING she says. Granted “she” gets a little carried away at times, but for the most part, you are actually hearing Him speak through her on a number of topics.

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  1. I'm SO sorry to hear your house is aesthetically challenged *grin*. Are you on the "Do not call" list? That would be the best way to nix those annoying phone calls. I don't get the old post spam thing either, but I would agree with your thought that it is probably the reduced likelihood of someone noticing the links on older posts.

  2. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Jen!!! Yes, we are on the "No Call" list, but I haven't found out where to sign-up for a "No Write" list yet. For those inquiries came through the mail. Do you know where such a list might be? Yeah, I suppose if all else fails, duct-taping the lid to our mailbox shut might do the trick. Hey, it's not like we are getting checks in the mail on a regular basis. For I haven't found out where to sign-up for that list, either.

  3. Spam from China is usually porn. However the Chinks are into all sorts of things these days and I would not trust any of them!

    Most of the spam I get these days comes from folks offering loans! The word 'sharks' is not good enough for them!

  4. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Adullamite!!! Yeah, every time I have ever seen a comment with a bunch of linked Chinese characters, it has been to porn sites, and that is why it came as such to me that this latest batch was to a detective agency. Regardless of that, I would still like to know what is to be gained by placing spam comments on older posts.

  5. Now I'm curious about what your house looks like that you got put on the list of ugly houses. :)
    I had a big problem with the spam on older posts until I added the moderation on older posts and word verification. I haven't gotten any in quite some time. I would take the word verification off but I'm afraid it will start back up again. The only thing I can think of is maybe they think they can raise their ranking if they have more back links? It is all pretty senseless if you ask me.

  6. im sorry to hear this, too.

  7. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! Well, our house is not one that a Bill Gates or Donald Trump would probably be comfortable in, but it is plenty good enough for us.

    Yeah, I think you may be on to something about the back-links, but since it could greatly hinder a free exchange, I am rather reluctant to add comment moderation. Besides, I really don't get all that many in comparison to others, and deleting them gives me something else to do.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Imelda!!! Be assured that I greatly appreciate all of the sympathy I can get.


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