Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bad, Ugly and Awful Ads

Since not everyone has been as appreciative of my efforts with the Good, Bad and Ugly Ads series as they should be, it seemed prudent to shake things up a bit from time to time.  Hence, Good, Great and Glorious Ads, as well as Bad, Ugly and Awful Ads.  Oh, and if these new approaches are still not to your complete and utter satisfaction, I would tell you what you can do with the point of your view if saying things like that did not now leave such a bitter taste in my mouth.  Therefore, be ye thankful!




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  1. I love it when you do this. I apologize that I don't come by every week.

    I think all of these do a good job of getting that name across but they are pretty bad.

    Except for the second one. I love it but I love that actor!

    I hope ya'll are having a good week!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Jackie!!! I am wondering what the producer (not to mention Gillette) was thinking about putting out that "awful" one. For the proverbial "stuff" is starting to hit the fan pretty good over football (the real kind) being just too violent, and here they make it look like Clay Matthews knocked the head off of that player. Furthermore, he was playing for the New England Patriots, who play in Gillette Stadium!

  3. Your series here is so important. I just posted something (actually a rant) on FB after listening to a morning talk show The Buzz I just felt angry about how critical, and judgemental, they were, nothing of importance just all crap, (really) and then they topped it off by describing with a real cell phone all about Sexting, just in case there were a few other children out there that didn't already know about it. Sometimes we just need to flush the media out! Ok end of rant again! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Karen!!! I suppose that it may have more to do with me getting older and crankier, but there seems to be a great lack of what is naturally considered to be common sense going around these days. What got you so upset certainly serves as a good example of that. For it is bad enough acting like sexting is no big deal without giving tips on how to do it.

  5. it's kind of sad that these guys can't earn a decent enough living in their chosen field that they have to go out and find a second job making bad commercials.

  6. I agree these are dumb adds, I can't believe how much the actors, the advertisers get paid for doing them, that's what bugs me the most! I could think of better ones and I would be happy to do it at half the price!
    Janet :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Ann!!! I suppose it goes with the old saying to strike while the iron is hot, but just because you can do something doesn't always mean that you should.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Janet!!! Methinks we would both hate to hear just how much some celebrities get paid for doing commercials, which makes it understandable about why they would, but I have lost a lot of respect for some who have associated their name with bad products.


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