Sunday, October 12, 2008

Republican Electioneering???

My dad absolutely hated [President Franklin Delano Roosevelt]. The 32nd President of the United States of America had that effect upon people. For he was either loved or hated by most, and my dad was most definitely amongst those who hated him.

I can’t remember if my mom had any strong opinions about FDR, but she obviously did not object to following my dad’s lead in regards to voting [Republican]. For that is what she continued to do after my dad died in 1981—even to the extent of [voting straight ticket] most of the time.

Quite naturally, I voted for [President Gerald R. Ford] the first time I was old enough to vote in the 1976 presidential election. I also voted for [Ronald Reagan] in 1980 and 1984, [George H. W. Bush] in 1988 and 1992, [Bob Dole] in 1996, and [George W. Bush] in 2000 and 2004.

No, not all of that can be blamed upon my parents. For I fully embraced maintaining a strong military at all times, low taxes, encouragement of free enterprise, and making a strong stand against immorality while limiting general governmental involvement in our daily lives, which included returning prayer to our public schools and making abortions illegal again.

Now, I understand that those ideals have more to do with being a conservative than an affiliation with a particular political party. For there are [Democrats] who also support such policies, but they are few and far away.

Our Heavenly Father has changed much about me since 1993. Indications of this can be found in [My Dear President-Elect], [Political Correctness], [Heal The Land], [Aborted Values] and [Civil Rights]. In other words, I am no longer such a devout conservative, and I must admit that the reason why I voted for President Bush in 2004 had more to do with force of habit than satisfaction with his leadership.

Much to my chagrin, I would still like to look upon Republicans as being the good guys, and this is why it was so hard for me to hear what was being said in [Uncounted] when I finally watched it on [Starz] before it went off of [On-Demand].

Fear not, Uncounted is currently scheduled to be rebroadcast on Starz Cinema on October 14th at 2:40pm and October 20th at 5:20pm, and on Starz Edge on October 25th at 10:05am. Be assured that it is well worth a look see—regardless of which side of the political spectrum you hail from.

One of the issues discussed involved extreme discrepancies between [exit polls] and the end result, which had a 1 in 10,000 chance of happening to the extent that it reportedly did. Another involved incredible amounts of [undervoting] for president in some Pennsylvania and New Mexico precincts in 2004.

Perhaps the most shocking involved President Bush getting 4,238 votes in the Ward 1-B precinct of Gahanna, OH in 2004. For only 638 ballots were cast. There was also a little matter of 27,000 votes being tabulated for 11,000 voters in Waterville, ME.

Yes, the emphasis was mostly upon alleged Republican skullduggery, but not all of the issues clearly favored them. For in the cases of there not being enough working voting machines to accommodate voting in a timely manner, I can see where that could have also cost the Republican Party a lot of votes.

Speaking of working voting machines, there was much ado about troubles with [Diebold] electronic ones, and there appears to be a good reason why. For Diebold reportedly insists that it is impossible to make a voting machine that issues a paper report of how you voted and can be internally audited, but they are a major (if not the major) manufacturer of [ATMs], which offer both features.

No, the issues discussed in Uncounted are not just figments of Director David Earnhardt’s imagination, and plenty of other sources are credited. Amongst them are [The Brad Blog], [The Free Press], [Election Defense Alliance], [VotersUnite!], [TruVote] and [Black Box Voting].

These are issues that hit a little closer to home for me this year. For I will be mailing in an absentee ballot because of very poor health, and I am afraid of being counted amongst the uncounted—especially since I am seriously contemplating voting for [Colin Powell] as a [write-in candidate] for president (even though he is not officially running).

UPDATE: If you have [HBO On-Demand], look under “Documentaries” and you will find [“Hacking For Democracy”], which adds even more fuel to the firestorm over electioneering that should be sweeping across the nation. If you don’t have HBO On-Demand, [here] is a schedule of when it will be broadcast on a regular HBO channel next, or you can just read all about it on the show’s official [website]. There is also a DVD for purchase, of course.


  1. I still count the Republicans among the good guys, but that's mostly out of habit. The sad truth is, the rascals from both parties quit representing the people about the time that Reagan left office and I'm having trouble seeing much difference between the socialistic policies of Obama and the socialistic policies of McCain.

    And I'm convinced that either party would cheat like dogs to grab power.

    There's not much out there for us conservatives, I'm afraid...

  2. Thanks for the comment, my dear TNS Hawg. The next article on this subject will touch upon possible reasons why the Democratic Party has not been more outraged over these things. Some of this is discussed in "Hacking For Democracy."

  3. "Republican skullduggery" AND Democratic skullduggery" have been a plague on this Republic for quite awhile. The WHOLE of government need a good kick in the rear. We're AMERICANS first...our political affiliations ought to take a back seat to our Liberty. I've many friends claiming membership in both parties, and a few fellow Libertarians and Independents. I have respect for them all. It is a healthy Republic which has is when we become too "polarized" and obtuse to realize what is good for the Country, that the danger to Liberty becomes far too real.

  4. Even before I have went through my "change," knowing that some very good programs never see the light of day out of congress just because of being sponsored by the wrong side of the aisle has always made me very angry. Then, when some like former Senator Bob Dole runs for president, someone who sought to bridge the political divide, he is hated by many in his own party. Woe be it to us all.


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