Friday, October 31, 2008


Link: [DecisionCare: Indian Astrology]

Link: [The Grits Online Readers Club]

NOTE: FIVE FOR FRIDAY is a weekly feature on this blog that is meant for the SOLE purpose of calling attention to sites that I think that many would find interesting. There are 5 more sites to see at [FishHawk Droppings] and [All Arkie].


  1. "Rainbows -- I see rainbows everywhere I look," says Eleanor.

    Ah, we do love to see each Friday's selection of new sites to explore, Sir FishHawk. Thanks for doing this research, and spreading the word.

    Geoff & Eleanor

  2. Dude where are you getting these pics? They are really good.

  3. I wonder if rainbows made out of moondust look the same as those made of water vapor??? I suppose not. For they would actually be moonbeams--wouldn't they??? Thank you so very much for coming by for another visit, my dear Lady Eleanor and Sir Geoff!!!

  4. Except in some very rare cases, all the images featured come from the sites themselves--such as with your friend's site,
    "Kay's Gifts and Things," last week, and your own site a few months back, my dear Lance. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  5. Excellant Blog..........

    Lot of love from Kashmiri Pandits(Hindus)

    Once again thanks for your link to highlight our struggle for islamic terriorism


  6. You are most welcome, and thanks for being so considerate, my dear KP!!! I hope life gets a lot easier for you-all to live in Kashmir.


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