Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Vast _______ Conspiracy

Aside from it looking much more likely than not that my old political party may not be nearly as pure at heart as I would still like for them to be, there is another thing about all of the allegations of [Republican Electioneering] that really bothers me. Well, okay, there are actually several things, but for now let us focus some attention upon the fact that there really hasn’t been all that much outrage about it—especially from the Democratic side of the aisle. For one would think that they would be shouting from the rooftops that certain elements (to say the least) within the [Republican Party] are about as dishonorable as they can be.

Yes, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, and with the [“stuff”] hitting the proverbial fan (to a certain extent) about [ACORN] going to extraordinary lengths to register Democratic voters, it would seem that there may be at least a few hundred reasons why the [Democratic Party] might want to shy away from the issue, but can the same be said about the national press corps? For as was discussed in both [Uncounted] and [Hacking Democracy], there really hasn’t been all that much coverage.

I suppose that it could be on account of nationalistic pride that the various American news organizations would want to shy away from such stories, but what’s the deal with the international press? For one would think that the French would be all over it after all of the shots that we (especially political conservatives) have taken at them since World War II, and the rest of the world also have their own reasons for wanting to take us down a notch or two.

Now, there are some who insist that they have the answer, but they are usually laughed off of the stage whenever they try to take the podium. For they are those who insist that both the Republican and Democratic Parties, along with both the national and international press corps, are in league with each other for the purpose of bringing about a [new world order] under the control of an [autonomous world government].

Alas, I must admit that I have done my share of laughing at such. For whenever I would hear someone rant and rave about [occult rituals] being practiced by [Freemasons], seeing [Shriners] wearing funny hats while driving teeny tiny cars in parades would come to mind, and that would always crack me up.

Hearing about the [Illuminati], the [Bilderberg Group], the [Council on Foreign Relations] and the [Trilateral Commission] would also make me chuckle. For I knew that their designs for this world could never come to pass because nothing can happen unless our Heavenly Father allows it to, and that was something that He just wouldn’t do. For in order for their plans to succeed, the United States of America would have to either be a willing participant or no longer sovereign, and that would never happen because the Lord God Almighty had established this great country of mine to serve as like a Promised Land for the Christian church.

Then, our Heavenly Father, who truly is the Lord God Almighty, became real to me in 1993, and He started personally revealing just how deceived I was about this. For much of what has been said about efforts to bring about a new world order are indeed true. For it is from this that the antichrist will come{1}, and when he does{2}, whatever may be left of the United States of America will also bow down before him{3}.

Yes, that is enough to make one think that it is all a lost cause if it is indeed true, but it hasn’t been revealed to me that the time for the antichrist is at hand, nor will be anytime soon. Therefore, we would all do well to still strive to have the very best government that we can have. For refusing to work towards making things as right as they can be at this time would be like refusing to feed someone who is starving to death right before your very eyes just because they are going to eventually die anyway—regardless of whether you give them something nutritious to eat or not{4}.

{1} Revelation 13:1-18; {2} 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; {3} Revelations 13:7-10, Revelations 17:12-17; {4} James 4:17.


  1. I am of the mind that at this point, prayer is our only hope.

  2. At first I was scared you where going to say there was nothing like the NWO but as I read further I heaved a heavy sigh of relief . . . "you should see my face I was so relieved"

    for the Illuminati is so in control of World events today but it is like we cannot see their handiwork .
    I must confess Jerry, the Lord opened my eyes about 2 months ago to see a lot of things and since then am no longer worried about the fact that the world is the way it is. for it is written in the Bible I have come tosee and realise that nothing just happens and anything is possible in this world people are dangerous and I have also come to realise that only those God opens their eyes will understand this mystery but am happy that in these last days that our Heavenly Father is pouring out His Holy Spirit on men/women alike and eyes are being opened and everything is clear now

    Godbless you and love

  3. It always has been, my dear Crotchety, but I understand where you are coming from. For things do not have to be as bad as they are in order to accomplish our Heavenly Father's purposes.

  4. The thing to keep in mind, my dear Hannah IJ, is that this world has never been meant to last. For it was, much would have been vastly different--be assured.


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