Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trib Updates

This is a weekly series that will include a brief summary of the latest articles that have been published on The Tribulation Times Herald-Exhorter.  Hopefully, this will encourage you to go check out some truly outstanding articles that have been published by a number of truly outstanding authors.  Moreover, I hope this will also encourage you to want to become a contributing member/author, as well.  The “Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!” site explanation near the top of the side-bar should answer many of your questions.  Yes, this series also included an “SOS! (Spam On Saturdays)”  segment before, but it just wasn’t working for me.  Therefore, that will be replaced by a republishing of one of the Trib articles.

[A Beaut For Beut] has T.R.R.R. Paisley Ledbetter trying to get a rise out of me.

[Russell Moore on Robertson’s Bad Advice] is by Lavender Darwin about Rev. Pat Robertson saying that it is all-right to divorce your spouse when they have Alzheimer’s.

[Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly – Happy Feelin’s] gives us some insight on one of the reasons why Lavender is the way he is.

[The Rest of the Prosperity Story] is another article by me about the incomplete message that so-called prosperity preachers have been delivering to the detriment of all of their devoted followers.

[Star Wars Attorney] contains a video from one of Lavender’s legal team.

[The Boys of Fall] is a review from me on a documentary about the major role that football plays in man a community, along with a video (and lyrics) to the song by the same name that Kenny Chesney performs.

[(Google+) + (Google-) = Nothing!] has Lavender disproving a complex fractal geometric proof with an abacus and a rusty slide-rule.

[Black Irish?] has Paisley being a classy as ever.

[“Bond… JamesBond”] contains some thoughts from Lavender about the James Bond movies, which are surprisingly astute.

[Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly – Golden Time of the Day] gives us some more insight on one of the reasons why Lavender is the way he is.

[Ligonier Ministries 2012 National Conference] is from Lavender about an upcoming event featuring R.C. Sproul.

[Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start The Fire – Test Your Knowledge of Inane HistoricalFigures] goes on to further prove that Lavender has a not-so-secret crush on the Piano Man.

I must admit that the most shocking part of that piece to me was the dad saying, “If he wasn’t in this environment, what would he be doing?  He’d be standing on a street corner raising havoc.”  For I can see where something like that would be exploited by strangers when there is enough money to be made, but parents are supposed to be more protective of their own children—right?  Besides, aren’t 8-9 year-olds supposed to be in school and then busy doing their homework when they get home after classes end for the day?

Evidently not.  For little boys have been fighting mixed-martial-arts bouts in [Carthage, MO], which is a town around 45 miles to the southwest of us here in Springfield, for several years now.

To be quite honest, MMA fighting is not all that appealing to me.  For the vast majority of the “action” is merely a couple of guys grappling with each other until one of them looks like he might get hurt, but that’s missing the point by a mile—isn’t it?

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  1. Kiddie cage fighting just seams wrong on so many levels to me.

  2. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! Indeed.


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