Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Not every song that will be featured here will be what is generally considered as being “Christian” in the eyes of this world. For some will be anguished cries from the pit of despair, and others will be quite obviously ferverent rants of rebellion. Nonetheless, be assured that they will all be of our Heavenly Father (in one way or another) and I hope that you have been given ears to hear the message.

Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why -
Link: [On imeem]

Only God Knows Why
Kid Rock
I’ve been sittin’ here
Tryin’ to find myself
I get behind myself
I need to rewind myself

Lookin’ for the payback
Listen for the playback
They say that every man
Bleeds just like me

And I feel like number one
Yet I’m last in line
I watch my youngest son
And it helps to pass the time

I take too many pills
It helps to ease the pain
I made a couple of dollar bills
But still I act the same

Everybody knows my name
They say it way out loud
A lot of folks f#$% with me
It’s hard to hang out in crowds

I guess that’s the price you pay
To be some big shot like I am
Out-stretched hands and one-night stands
Still I can’t find love

And when your walls come tumblin’ down
I will always be around

That’s it

And when your walls come tumblin’ down
I will always be around

People don’t know
About the things I say and do
They don’t understand
About the sh#$ I’ve been through

It’s been so long
Since I’ve been home
I’ve been gone
I’ve been gone for way too long

Maybe I forgot
All the things I miss
Oh somehow I know
There’s more to life than this

I said it too many times
And I still stand firm
You get what you put in
And people get what they deserve

Still I ain’t seen mine
I ain’t seen mine
I’ve been givin’
Just ain’t been getting’
I’ve been walkin’ that there line

So I think I’ll keep a walkin’
With my head held high
I’ll keep movin’ on
And only God knows why

Only God
Only God
Only God knows why

Only God
Only God
Only God knows why

Only God
Only God knows why

Take me to the river
Take me to the river

Lonely Road Of Faith - Kid Rock
Link: [On imeem]

Lonely Road Of Faith
Kid Rock
Up and down that
Lonely road of faith
I have been there
Unprepared for the storms
And the tides that rise

I’ve realized one thing
How much I love you
And it hurts to see
To see you cryin’
I believe we can make it through
The winds of change

God is great indeed
If you believe
In the everlife
Yeah we gotta
Make some sense of the pieces
That we’ve found

Oh no
Oh no

And if you just hold on
I won’t let ya fall
I won’t let you fall
We can make it through the storms
And the winds of change

Though I walk through the valley of darkness
I am not afraid
‘Cause I know
That I’m not alone

And if the wind blows west
Would you follow me
And if the wind blows south
Would you count me out
And if the wind blows east
Would ya second guess
And if the sun don’t shine
Would you still be mine
And if the sky turns grey
Would you walk away
Would you say I do
If I say I’ll be
And walk this road
Through life with me


On this lonely road of faith

On this lonely road of faith

Link: [Kid Rock]

Lyrics From: [elyrics.net]


  1. I'm not so familiar with Kid Rock's music but I thought that lyrics is so powerful, a message of a deeper struggle that each one of us encounter in our day-today lives...
    it's very nice lyrics:) thanks for sharing...might check his songs on imeem too...

  2. Most of his music is really hardcore, my dear Shawie. So, brace yourself, but even those have something to say if you have been given ears to hear it. Thanks for stopping by!!!


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