Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Richter Studios

Richter Studios and their [Video Production Services] has just been brought to my attention, and all I can say is, “WOW!” I mean, “WOW!!

No, I don’t think you are hearing me. Hey, I’m talkin’, “WOW!!!,” here. For it is like a movie studio offering to make commercials for your company.

Come to think of it—they are a movie studio! For they produced [Following Deerpath], which is a documentary about the town of Lake Forest, IL. The following is a trailer to the movie, which should give you a good idea of what they can do for your company:

Too much for you? Well, Richter Studios offer a [wide variety of services]. For from basic photography to interactive web presentations—they can do it all.

Be assured that there are plenty of businesses around here who would benefit greatly from the [expertise] that Richter Studios has to offer. For so many of their commercials are downright awful.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is said that a product or service will sell itself, but the way it is presented also says a lot. For I am not about to go to a dentist who uses a rip-off of American Idol as the backdrop for an advertisement. Would you?

Yes, I must disclose that this is a paid advertisement through [ReviewMe]. For this is required for payment.

Nonetheless, I am genuinely impressed with Richter Studios. I think you will be too if you go check them out.


  1. I'm not able to hear your utube. I think I need to update my computer. Wanted to swing back by though. Got a kick out of your comment about adsense. Oh, I wish I understood. It's always a surprise when I click and there's a dime or something. lol

    Taking time to return my comments, hope you're having a good day. One of these days maybe I just need to buy a new computer that can do the video's without locking up. Think I need more power or something.


  2. Yeah, I afraid that the problem with the YouTube video is on your end, my dear Sandy. For I just tried it, and it sounded just fine to me.

    Since I am about as technically-challenged as anyone I know of, I probably don't know what I'm talking about, but the problem with your computer locking up a lot when you try to watch videos may have to do with it not having enough RAM. For it works kinda like the kinds of hot water heater that we are the most familiar with, which stores up hot water so that you won't run out when using it. When you run out of what has been stored up, you get lukewarm water at best. Subsequently, when you run out of what has been stored in the RAM, your computer will lock up when you go to watch a video or something that requires a lot of memory. If this is the problem, you may be able to add more RAM to your system, but I would certainly consult someone who knows a lot more than me before you do.

    P.S.: As in regards to Google AdSense, I am willing to believe that some do very well with it, but that ain't me so far. If you start racking in the big bucks, please tell me how you did it.

  3. Looks like they do great work, super video. I'll have to check out their site, thanks for the link.

  4. Yeah, I really want to see their documentary about Lake Forest. It's a suburb of Chicago, and I've been there many times.

    Oh my, I can only imagine the wonders that you and them could come up with if a collaboration was possible. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Bob!!!


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