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Could it be that Joanna’s husband, Mark, is actually a blithering idiot?  After all, why else would an experienced television news reporter feel compelled to tell him to not scare people by talking too loudly about those explosions being a bomb, and then repeat what she had told him during her televised report, when she should realize that the way a story is presented goes a long way toward how it is received by the viewing audience?

In all fairness, it could be argued that she was just giving an honest report about what happened while her mind was still numb from pounding the pavement for 26.2 miles, but she neglected to make that clear—did she not?  Of course, it may very well be that he was going against the training he had received as a police officer, as well as in the military, by shouting out that what was heard was a bomb, which would have been a rather idiotic thing to do, considering the situation at hand.

In any event, she succeeded in emasculating him before a fairly large viewing audience.  Whether or not he deserved it (naturally-speaking, of course) remains to be seen.

It was pointed out to me that I neglected to address intent.  Therefore, please accept my sincere apologies, and let it be widely known and well understood that I hope the lovely and talented Ms. Small did not intend to humiliate her husband.

I also neglected to mention that it most certainly works both ways.  A good example of a husband humiliating his wife in a public setting would be him volunteering to announce upon their arrival at a community potluck dinner that she did not have much time to spend in the kitchen because of the kids being sick, which would be (in effect) to assume that the dish she prepared would not be received very well.

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  1. Emasculating her husband? I think not. Someone is being over-sensitive to spin it that way. Also, it was quite clear that she had just run the marathon.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Anonymous. In the same way as a trained police officer or military person should know to guard against starting a panic, a trained news reporter should be acutely aware of how their story is being reported. Was including her cautioning him against starting a panic a necessary part of her report? No, it was not. As far as her just running a marathon, is it not true that it is when we are frazzled that what we have hidden deep down comes rushing to the surface?

  3. Well, I missed all that, but on the subject of reporting, I did find it quite odd when they kept reporting things in error during the wait last night of suspect # 2 in the boat. How an intelligent news person could ever think that boat was a 44 foot boat in the back yard on a small trailer, still cracks me up. She kept saying it over and over! Finally a neighbor called in (the boat owner's friend) and corrected it as a 24 foot boat. It just shows what stands out wrong to one might not make a hill of beans to someone else. I'm just happy they caught the last brother, and hopefully they haven't set anything else in motion.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Karen!!! What drives me the most nuts about the reporting of situations like the Boston Marathon bombing and the subsequent manhunt these days is that every news outlet spent countless hours parading "expert" after "expert" before the cameras to keep repeating that very little is known about the situation at this time and will not be known until official confirmation is obtained from the authorities. Come one now, why not have someone with their finger on the ISP (Interrupt Scheduled Programming) button until some real news could be obtained?

  5. Re your P.S....If ever my husband said that about something I made, he would find himself in deep DOO!...:)JP

  6. Thanks for stopping by, my dear JP!!! Well, Anonymous would say that you were being too sensitive. (LOL?)

  7. Hi Jerry,

    I'm in agreement with Anonymous on this one,sort of. I did not listen to her recount as an intent to shame or emasculate her husband. Possibly she did fail to acknowledge his expertise in recognizing danger - bombings. But if you are a block and a half away, people are screaming and running around, sirens are wailing your way - well, I could see the sensibility of not adding to the general fear and chaos by declaring that a bomb had just gone off UNTIL you have the facts.

    With that said, I doubt during WWII and the prolific bombing of England, did anyone ever think that whistling sound was something other than a bomb falling directly overhead. My point being that in the face of death, destruction, war and now terrorism, the ego of one or even many is supplanted by the need to survive, understand the ever changing circumstances and make sense of our chaotic world.

    I'd say cut her some slack. After all, the video shows how accurate the husband was and how clueless she was.


  8. Thanks for stopping by, my dear RDG!!! You and Anonymous have missed my main point, which is that the lovely and talented Ms. Small is not just another wife from out of the crowd. For she is an experienced newscaster. Of course, I can certainly understand just how disconcerting a situation like that could be--regardless of how much experience one may have, but her report was recorded after she had some time to collect her thoughts! Please, go read her KSPR bio, which can be found by clicking on her picture, and then tell me just how much of a break you still want me to give her.

  9. okay Jerry.

    I read her bio. And her newscasting experience seems to have been in rather small news markets. And though she is working her way up the ranks, so the speak, she's not ever been a front-line news reporter coming to us live from, say, Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or the Middle-East. In light of that, I would say (assume) that her past experience has not prepared her for work in a 'war zone'.

    With that said, it is hard to predict how any one of us would react or respond to a moment such as the marathon bombing. To me her reaction was consistent to her experience of such events, as her husband's reaction was consistent with HIS experience.

    Now to the crux of the matter - which your post is truly about - after a period of time to absorb the shock of what happened, did she appropriately report on the events as she experienced them? And did she, in fact, emasculate her husband in her interview?

    (Forgive me in advance for splitting semantic hairs) The Oxford dictionary defines emasculate, as an adjective, thus: to deprive (a man) of his male role or identity.

    In this case I would say no, she did not emasculate her husband.

    Did she show a lack of respect for her husband's assessment of the events as they were happening? Yes, she did. Especially in light of knowing that her husband DOES have first hand experience and training in such circumstances. And possibly the off-handed dismissal of his opinion indicates a not so pleasant character trait of Ms. Small's.

    Maybe I'm just arguing the other side of the same coin, here. Hmmm....


  10. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear RDG!!! I stand corrected on the exact definition of emasculation. Although, I am quite sure that her husband is hurting as if she really did crush them if he cares anything at all about what she really thinks of him. Of course, he could be a real manly man and could not care less what she thinks, which could explain why she filed such a report.

    On a related note, not long after we were married, my third wife, Sherry, wanted a dishwasher installed in the kitchen. So, while I was off the truck for a few days, we went and bought one, and while I was studying the owner's manual to make sure that I did not miss something before starting the installation, she said, "If you don't know what you are doing, I can get my brother to hook it up." When she saw the look of horror on my face, she added, "He does this sort of thing all of the time," but the damage was already done.

  11. Point taken.
    I defer to your personal experience.


  12. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear RDG!!! Arlynda would strongly advise against that. Sigh. (Yeah, I know that she would be just kidding...I hope. Double sigh and a groan.)


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