Thursday, March 14, 2013

ATF: A Ringing in the Ears

This weekly series will include as many of my all-time favorite tunes as I can get my grubby little hands on (so to speak).  Now, each one included in each edition will have some connection with the other—albeit only as a figment of my imagination, but they will not be numbered.  For I just cannot bring myself to rate some higher than others.  So, this will not be a countdown, but if you are enjoying them as much as I do, it won’t matter.  Besides, with no countdown, this could go on forever and ever!  Oh, and despite the fact that there is absolutely no way that your musical tastes can be as exquisite as mine, I welcome any suggestions that you might dare to make.  I am, after all, quite magnanimous by nature.

If you have any suspicions of possibility being even somewhat faint of heart, DO NOT have your speaker volume cranked up to the max at the beginning of this song.  I would, however, highly recommend it soon afterward (like maybe at the 34 second mark).

Pink Floyd
Ticking away
The moments
That make up a dull day
You fritter and waste
The hours
In an off-hand way
Kicking around
On a piece of ground
In your home town
Waiting for someone
Or something
To show you the way

Tired of lying
In the sunshine
Staying home
To watch the rain
You are young
And life is long
And there is time
To kill today
And then the one day you find
Ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run
You missed the starting gun

And you run
And you run
To catch up with the sun
But it's sinking
And racing around
To come up behind you again
The sun is the same
In the relative way
But you're older
And shorter of breath
And one day closer to death

Every year is getting shorter
Never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to naught
Or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet desperation
Is the English way
The time is gone
The song is over
Thought I'd something
More to say

Home again
I like to be here
When I can
When I come home
Cold and tired
It's good to warm my bones
Beside the fire
Far away
Across the field
Tolling on the iron bell
Calls the faithful
To their knees
And hear
The softly spoken
Magic spells

Link: [AC/DC]

Hell’s Bells
I'm rollin’ thunder
Pourin’ rain
I'm comin’ on
Like a hurricane
My lightnin's flashin’
Across the sky
You're only young
But you're gonna die

I won't take no prisoners
Won't spare no lives
Putting up a fight
Ah I got my bell
I'm gonna take you to hell
I'm gonna get ya
Satan get ya

Hell’s bells
Hell’s bells
You got me ringin’
Hell’s bells
My temperature's high
Hell’s bells

I'll give you black sensations
Up and down your spine
If you're into evil
You're a friend of mine
See the white light flashin’
As I split the night
‘Cause if good's on the left
Then I'm sticking to the right

I won't take no prisoners
Won't spare no lives
Puttin' up a fight
I got my bell
I'm gonna take you to hell
I'm gonna get ya
Satan get ya

Hell’s bells
Oh Hell’s bells
You got me ringing
Hell’s bells
My temperature's high
Hell’s bells


Hell’s bells
Satan' coming to you
Hell’s bells
He's ringing them now
Those hell’s bells
My temperature's high
Hell’s bells
Across the sky
Hell’s bells
They're takin’ you down
Hell’s bells
They're draggin’ you down
Hell’s bells
Gonna split the night
Hell’s bells
There's no way to fight

Hell’s bells

Lyrics From: [A-Z Lyrics Universe]

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  1. I just saw Roger Waters do "The Wall" a few months ago. BADASS. It must have been my sixth time seeing it and I was still impressed.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Julie!!! Oh how I would love to go to one of their laser shows. It is such a shame that Roger and the rest of them had such a bad break up. I'm glad Gilmour kept the group going, and I think there is not nearly as much bad blood between now.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Karen!!! Nope, you are most definitely not faint of heart.

  4. Love! Love! Love Pink Floyd. And it would be unpatriotic for me to say I didn't like AC/DC!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Lee!!! Hey, I looked it up online, and there is a clause in the Australian constitution that allows for the not liking of up to three Australian things per year, which was probably put there to appease the Scots in the country. So, unless you have already reached your limit, you can go ahead and legally declare in public that you don't like AC/DC.

  6. In my student days, the cassette deck was had a time/alarm function, so back in the seventies, the clock segment of Time would wake me up.

    Bleary eyed trudge to the refectory for a hot breakfast, stagger off to lectures....

  7. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Soub!!! LOL! To be honest about it, I love the next section of Time with the resonating bass notes, ticking of the clock and punctuating beats on the drums, but I can imagine how freaked out I would be to awaken to those sounds.


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