Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Okay to Make a Change?

Alas, it is indeed a sad state of affairs when one finds a political ad like that rather shocking on account of how dignified and even respectful it is.  For the Republican National Committee are the very same people who have refused to boldly speak out against those in their ranks who keep insisting that President Obama was not born an American and that he is actually practicing Muslim.

No, throwing “stuff” up against the proverbial wall to see what may stick is nothing new to American politics, but in a day and age when information can be confirmed or refuted with the click of a mouse, I find it absolutely appalling that so many are so quick to employ blatantly dirty tricks.  After all, do they not realize that it can backfire on them when the truth comes out?  Of course, it may very well be that I am trying to give far too many voters way too much credit for being astute.

Speaking of such, I do not recall another presidential election when both candidates appeared to be doing their best to lose.  For after President Obama states that no one has truly built their business on their own, Mitt Romney goes overseas to see just how many American allies and trading partners he can insult or at least place in a poor light.

No, the future is not looking all that bright for the United States of America.  May our Heavenly Father continue to have mercy upon us all.

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  1. That ad just speaks to the facts and was very well done.

    Neither side will speak out against the extreme voices. They never have and never will. And Romney keeps choosing the high road, which seems to be a safe path.

    Obama's faith is one thing -- he certainly isn't a practicing Muslim, but neither is he a practicing Christian.

    And his birth...Sorry, but a "few clicks" as you put it will show how much of a fraud that "birth certificate" was. Fabrication. Why hide so much? College records. High School records. Passport.

    I think he was claiming to be a foreign national student to get aid and affirmative action. That truth will come out one day and you'll have to wonder, "why so much coverup?"

  2. Why hide behind Anonymous, my dear Anonymous? No courage of your convictions?

  3. I truly hate election time when the commercials are all political ads about how bad the other guy is. I say they are all worthless as far as running our country.

  4. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! Yep, and I don't understand why it is getting to me so badly this time around. For it is just more of the same old "stuff."


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