Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The I.W.V.D.S. Test

As you probably already know, I have stopped including sites that have word verification spam filtering and audio auto-play engaged in the [Sites To See] and A Sunday Drive series, which has proven to be a royal pain.  For many of the word verification thingies do not pop up until after you hit "submit."  Therefore, in order to check to see if a site has one like that, at least an attempt to leave a comment must be made, and I sometimes have a hard time finding something profound and uplifting to say.  Yes, I know that this is very hard to believe, but being so honest about myself should make me even more endearing to everyone.

Thankfully, I was informed of the existence of the International Word Verification Detection System, and I can finally get back to my old free-wheelin’ self.  Now, the system offers their services for free, but it costs €100 for the right to use their copyrighted comment for one calendar year.  It is as follows:

Achtung! This is a test of the International World Verification Detection System.  In the event of an actual comment, something quite profound and greatly uplifting to all concerned will be left.  (LOL?)  (Please?)

Okay, I added the (LOL?) and the (Please?) to the original message, which cost extra, but my desperate need for approval demanded it.  No, time and money spent in and on therapy is not always well worth the expense.

P.S.: Out of the more than 200 sites that were left on the old list for future inclusion in the Sites To See series, a full third have had to be dropped on account of having the word verification spam filter engaged, and I still have almost 100 left to check.  Yeah, I need to start spending more time in better blogosphere neighborhoods.

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  1. I can't figure out why some people are so insistent about hanging on to that word verification. Worst thing they ever came up with

  2. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! There are a lot of people without a clue, and I have been counted among them at times.

  3. Now I understand the comment you left on my blog.
    Thanks for the visit!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Carletta!!! Thank you also for being so understanding. For my paranoia has been going nuts over people possibly thinking that I am up to no good. Your "Round The Bend" will be included in a Sites To See fairly soon, since I am having to redo the list. I'll leave a link to it when it is actually up.


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