Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trib Updates

This is a weekly series that will include a brief summary of the latest articles that have been published on The Tribulation Times Herald-Exhorter.  Hopefully, this will encourage you to go check out some truly outstanding articles that have been published by a number of truly outstanding authors.  Moreover, I hope this will also encourage you to want to become a contributing member/author, as well.  The “Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!” site explanation near the top of the side-bar should answer many of your questions.  Yes, this series also included an “SOS! (Spam On Saturdays)”  segment before, but it just wasn’t working for me.  Therefore, that will be replaced by a republishing of one of the Trib articles.

[Radical] has RN providing us with a video message about how “The American Dream” is not necessarily what our Heavenly Father has in mind.

[Women That Smoke Cigars] has RN acting like Lavender Darwin again.

[The Vote Pump] is from RN, and has Bill Whittle echoing what Rush Limbaugh was preaching about 20 years ago.

[Deuteronomy 22:28-29, Mosaic Law, and Rape] has RN wanting to believe that what is considered rape in the Old Testament is not what is considered rape today.

[Circling The Proverbial Drain] is from me with some more about the vicious circle I find myself in all too often, with a video clip from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to help illustrate the point.

[The Good Stuff] has RN making me wonder if secondhand cigar smoke really is more harmful than I would like to believe.

The following is an ad for [Randall Terry], who is running as a Democrat for the office of the president of the United States of America.  One of the main platforms to his campaign is a repeal of [Roe vs. Wade], which is the United States Supreme Court decision that legalized abortions in this country.  Subsequently, since he is afforded the same considerations as any other legitimate candidate running for president, that extremely graphic ad will be allowed to be aired during the Super Bowl, this coming Sunday, February 5, 2012.

To be quite honest about it, I am torn on the issue.  For I despise the airing of something so graphic.

On the other hand, an abortion is indeed murder, and anyone who can stomach more than a few seconds of the ad will not be able to honestly say that it isn’t.  I only made it around 10 seconds, and I hope NBC will air some kind of warning just before it airs so that parents can at least cover the eyes of their small children—if not get them out of the room.

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  1. Personally I think that is a pretty tasteless ad. I don't care what your stand is on an issue, there are better ways than that to get your point across.

  2. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! Well, that is pretty much the way I also see it, but...


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