Monday, March 1, 2010

Come Monday...MySpace My@$$!!!

“Come Monday…” is a weekly series that will involve a review of, or commentary about, websites, movies, documentaries, television shows, sports, music, and whatever else may tickle my fancy at the time. Be assured that these reviews will be generally positive, as in accordance to the Jimmy Buffett song “Come Monday.” This is subject to change, however. In fact, I would be most derelict in my duties to neglect going on a rant every once in a while. For rants promote change, and change can be good—right? Therefore, since good is generally considered as being a positive force in 99.3% of the parallel universes that I am aware of, even a rant could be considered as being something positive, and a genuine hissy-fit would be even better (so I’m told).

If you are fairly familiar with The Crackerhead Chronicles, which is an abbreviated account of my life so far that can be read and downloaded at [FishHawk Droppings], you may remember coming across the account of our Heavenly Father cleansing my lips of all foul language. Therefore, I am reluctant to use the appropriate words to fully describe just how I feel about MySpace these days, but I will endeavor to get my point(s) across, nonetheless.

Oh yeah, this is going to be a genuine rant, and to be perfectly honest about it, I don’t really care if it accomplishes any good or not. For I am…um…hmm…well…rather upset.

Yes, one could argue that I am too old to be messing around on MySpace in the first-place. For it was designed as a social networking site for younger generations, but since I had heard of other crotchety old men and cranky old women milling about there, I figured that I could blend in for the purpose of proclaiming what our Heavenly Father has given me to say in subtle ways.

At first, it was a good place to meet lots of new people of all ages. In fact, I was averaging over 50 visits a day to the blog I maintained there, which was actually reposts of what was originally posted here and on FishHawk Droppings (when it was being employed as regular blog). Now, 50 a day probably doesn’t sound like much to you, but at the time, it was like having 5,000 a day to me.

Then, my MySpace account password got stolen during a phishing expedition, and my page was blocked until things got straightened out. I was instructed to change my password, and I did. I was instructed to change my password again, and I did again. Over three weeks and countless password changes later, my page was free to be viewed again, but my over 50 a day visitors had evidently found other things to attract their attention by then.

Oh, but I kept on reposting. That is, until the powers that be over at MySpace decided that this was no longer allowable for some reason. Yes, there was something or another about concerns over the computer-health of their members, but since I was constantly being bombarded with offers to come over and chat with me by everything from nubile young vixens to leathery old cougars within seconds of every time I would log on to the site, I did not see their point.

I would not be deterred, however. For instead of reposting something in its entirety, I would post a live link to where it had been originally posted, which I thought might work even better since what I really cared about was visitors to here and FishHawk Droppings.

Oh, but my hopes for building traffic through MySpace would be soon dashed when another decision was made by the powers that be there. For they stopped allowing live links to sites outside of the MySpace domain.

Not all that surprisingly, some of the highest numbers of visitors to my MySpace blog occurred on Tuesdays, which is when a TWO FOR TUESDAY is often posted. If you will check a calendar, Tuesday will be coming up again tomorrow, and you can see for yourself what all of the buzz was about.

Anyway, I like to find the actual videos for the songs that are featured on a TWO FOR TUESDAY, and I was thrilled to find that when an embedding code was disabled for a video on YouTube, one that could be embedded could be often found on Imeem. [Here] is an example of such.

What? You mean to tell me that instead of the video for 3 Doors Down’s When I’m Gone, there is nothing but an orange rectangle with an advertisement for MySpace Music?

Alas, when I first saw that Imeem had been bought out by MySpace, I really didn’t think much about it. For I had no idea that this meant that all of the Imeem videos that I had embedded were no longer viewable, which would mean that I would have to redo all of the posts unless I was willing to keep them as they now are in order help one of most wonderful sites ever to get as much exposure as possible at my expense.

No, I haven’t closed my account there yet. For I still have some unfinished business to take care of, but all of this has made me rethink my attitude towards hacking. For I have come to realize that some sites should be electronically disemboweled—even if only for just the sheer joy of seeing what their guts look like. Yeah, yeah, yeah, woe is me.

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  2. Yea...myspace is the pits! I finally got my 13 year old to get rid of the myspace and join the facebook revolution. Are people even active on myspace anymore? Hmm.....

  3. I don't know much about my space, although I do have a my space blog. I repost stuff with a live link all the time and they have never said anything to me about it. So am I going to get myself into trouble too? Oh well, at least I will be with good company! LOL!

    You have been tagged by me so come by and see. The post will be up tomorrow (Tuesday)

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Love and Blessings,

  4. I have a myspace page that I started in my pre blogging days. I haven't been there in a very long time because I soon got tired of it. I hope you don't mind but just for sheer entertainment value I substituted some of the words in your post with the ones that I thought you would have preferred to use :)

  5. I love your rant!!! Sometimes, it just feels good. And, I'm listening.

  6. Oh my, what a headache! I have a MySpace page for the non-profit, but tend to avoid it like the plague. Too many annoyances, not to mention the wierdos :o)

  7. haven't really gotten into mypace :)

    ...anyway, thanks for being one of my Top EC droppers. you deserve my Sunshine Award :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Mike!!! Your offer sounds intriguing.

  9. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Alterity!!! I will be joining Facebook soon. Since MySpace started falling apart soon after I joined there, I figure that Facebook's days will soon be numbered, as well.

  10. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear AngelBaby!!! I am glad to hear that you have not had as "good" of a time there as I have.

  11. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! I really appreciate you helping me out with this. For a good rant just doesn't have the same ring without a few choice words. Hey, maybe you could print out something about MySpace and have Duke rip it to shreds? Yeah, I think I would like that a lot.

  12. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Coleen!!! Yeah, I know that it is childish to let something so trivial get under my skin, but after even that pitiful rant, I do feel better. Thanks for the support!

  13. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Jen!!! I suppose all good things must come to an end, but after looking back on it now, was MySpace really ever a good thing? I have heard that Facebook is fantastic for networking for all ages. So, if you are not over there already, please join before I ruin it, too.

  14. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Czaroma!!! It is always a pleasure to pay a visit to your A Woman Remembers.

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    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it. Thx for

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  16. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Tour.

  17. I haven't done the MySpace thing in soooo long. I really wonder why it didn't take off like Twitter and Facebook...weird

  18. Oh, but MySpace was THE thing before I signed-up around 3 years ago. Of course, the experts consider the rise of Facebook hastening the demise of MySpace, and I am humble enough to let them have their say. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Roschelle!!!


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