Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Sunday Drive

Back during my childhood, our parents would often load up my brother and I after Sunday morning church services for a leisurely drive around where we lived. Even though we were seeing mostly familiar sights, it was still good to see them, and this is why “A Sunday Drive” sounded about right for the name of a weekly series revisiting familiar sites that are well worth seeing again and again.


  1. Thank you for including me. I had forgotten all about that particular book I made, as it was sent to Australia soon after it was completed!
    It was one of my favourites so it is nice to be reminded of it.

    Thanks again.

  2. Thank you so much for including my blog today. Very much appreciated and very kind of you!

    I have seen the Cadillac Ranch, yes. Scroll down a little bit in my posts or even in the "older posts" there you will see some photos I made about that funny place. :)

    And do you know what? We are sitting since 5 days now at the very nice "OASIS RV Resort", maybe a mile away from the Cadillac Ranch,there by the Loves truck Stop on I-40.

    Thanks again!

  3. You are most welcome, and thanks for being so considerate, my dear Diane!!! I hope whoever got your book in Australia loved it.

  4. Thank you very much FishHawk! Have a great day.

  5. It's so good to hear from you again, my dear Susanne!!! Since you-all are staying in the west part of Amarillo, you are not far from the Westgate Mall, which houses one my all-time favorite barbeque places. The name of the place is the Cattle Call, and if the food is anything like it used to be, it is well worth the trip.

    If you-all are looking for a new destination to check out, maybe a slight detour to the south might be worthwhile. For you are not all that far from Clovis, NM, which is where the ancient arrowheads and spearpoints that bear the name were first discovered. If I remember right, the actual site is south of town a little bit on the road that goes to Portales, NM.

    Clovis is also fairly close to Ft. Sumner, NM, which is where the infamous outlaw Billy The Kid is supposedly buried. (Some insist that he lived many years after Sheriff Pat Garrett reportedly shot him down, and died in peace elsewhere.)

    If you head south out of Amarillo on what is now I-27 and then head west out of Canyon, TX on US 60, you will go through Hereford, TX on the way to Clovis. On the west side of Hereford was the fairly unimpressive looking Cattleman's Restaurant, which used to have one of the best chicken-fried steak dinners that I have every had. The "small" portion was as big as a regular-sized dinner plate (10-12 inches across), and one could easily make a very satisfying meal out of the salad bar that came with the chicken-fried steak and real mashed potatoes covered in cream gravy. I hope nothing has changed.

  6. You are most welcome, and thanks for being so considerate, my dear Shelia!!! I didn't expect to hear anything back from you since the tennis season is now in full swing (PUN INTENDED!). Be assured that this is a very pleasant surprise, and I hope all is going well for you and yours.

  7. Sheila is one of my favorites. We don't always have time to catch up. I am glad to see her here.

  8. I used to play tennis all of the time, my dear Ettarose, and I consider it a privilege to have meet the lovely Ms. Shelia's acquaintance--albeit only online. Hey, my serve was once clocked at over 150 miles per hour! Of course, I don't know just how accurate that was. For we came up with that speed because I couldn't quite get to the other side of the court in time to return my own serve, and we were rather drunk at the time.

  9. Thank-you for including Life on a Southern Farm in your Sunday Drive.

    I remember the Sunday Drives after church and lunch on Sunday afternoons with all us kids piled in the big ole station wagon.

    Thanks again,

  10. You are most welcome, and thanks for being so considerate, my dear Pam!!! Alas, I still have nightmares of some Sunday drives in our Chevy station wagon with no air conditioning during the summer, but riding around in the back of the pick-up was a blast.

  11. Thanks for sharing another good colletion of places to visit - Life on a southern farm was of interest - I enjoy the country life. My Sunday Drive / Hike took me to an old cemetary - very rich in history of an old New England settlement - graves dated back to the 1700 and 1800s.

  12. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Mike. I am quite sure that the lovely Ms. Pam of Life On A Southern Farm will greatly appreciate your great appreciation for her way of life.

    Anyway, I hope people do not think of me as being morbid. For it is out of a love for history that I feel as I do, but I actually love visiting old cementaries--the older, the better.

    The oldest that I have actually been on the grounds of is located in Binghampton, NY, and it contains the graves of many born before the Revolutionary War. Some of the gravestones even indicated that the one buried there had served in the Revolutionary War, as well as in the War of 1812.

    Now, if it happens like many have been led to believe, and the souls of the dead rise from their graves to stand before our Heavenly Father on Judgment Day, I am quite sure that the souls of those interred in that cementary will be quite shocked to see that their graves had been surrounded by a truck stop for several years. To be honest, I don't know just how it will be on that day, but it is an interesting thought, nonetheless.


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