Thursday, May 28, 2009

The "Fun" I Have Been Having Lately

I have been repeatedly warned about wanting to be myself too much, but I have insisted upon going ahead anyway. For I love to have fun whenever possible, and I felt like it would be all right as long as I guarded against taking it too far.

What I am talking about is my natural sense of humor. For I love poking fun at people, which can be very easily taken the wrong way at times.

In all fairness, I love being poked back at even more, and that is supposed to even things out in my mind. For one should not seek to give anyone the business if they are unwilling to take what may be thrown back, but it is all predicated upon each understanding that it is all meant in good fun, of course.

A good example of such involves the “fun” that I have been having with Joel of [Stuff and Nonsense] lately. It also serves as a good example of how it can all go so very wrong. Hence, the parentheses around fun.

It all started when the lovely Ms. Mad Margo of [The Screaming Me-Me!!!] posted an [ad] for a husband, which listed the qualities that she was looking for in a man. Joel first left a comment about him not being sure if he qualified, but that he was willing to undergo testing. The next day he left another comment expressing his disappointment over the fact that she had not responded to his application.

Now, just to be clear, none of that was meant to be serious—not the ad itself, nor any of Joel’s comments. Well, at least that is what I think is the truth. (I’m trying to be funny here. Okay?)

The next step came when Joel posted about how he could not understand why anyone would want to spend [$7,000 on a purse]. Since I had tested his responses a little in the past, I felt fairly safe to leave a comment about how it was beneath his breeding to understand such things, and that if he did, he might have a shot at wooing the lovely Ms. Mad Margo despite his shortcomings. Joel absorbed my feigned insult beautifully, and I thought it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

His next post was about [Disorganized Crime], which presented me with another opportunity to smart off about him getting a $7,000 purse to woo the lovely Ms. Mad Margo. Again, he handled it beautifully.

After going back and forth on a few more posts, the wheels started coming off when I gave him what I meant as being a very honorable mention in my post about [comments]. For he took great offense to me saying that he did not have much of a life.

I thought everything had been smoothed over in the comments of [Forecasting Economics], but then he posted [Praising God] on the very same day. The timing was just too much for me, and it was my turn to take great offense.

Things didn’t get really ugly to me, however, until he deleted the comment that I felt compelled to leave on [Wanted: Electronic Bilge Detector] after seeing his reference to empirical evidence in the post itself. For that was another cheap shot directed at least at my calling, even if not at me personally.

As if that was not bad enough, he went on a tirade about the comment after I asked him if it had been deleted, which was portraying me in a very poor light since no one could see that the comment was not nearly as bad as he was making it out to be. Come on now, what was so wrong about, “If you have been lying around thinking of ways to present stuff that is meant to be funny in a very unfunny manner, be assured that you have been very successful at it lately. Hence, the nonsense part—right?”

Yes, I am all too painfully aware of how pathetic all of this sounds to most, and that I am the one who does not have much of a life. That is just the thing. For this sort of thing is a big part of the life that I have been called to live. For I have been anointed as a special messenger of our Heavenly Father, and there is [more] going on here than just a childish squabble between two grown men who should have much better things to do.

Be assured that those who have been given eyes to see will see it, and those who do not have a clue will remain clueless for at least the time being. May they want to truly walk in the Light of His absolute Truth when the time comes for them to be led out of the darkness of Spiritual ignorance.


  1. Hey, don't let it bog you down, pally. Sometimes things get misconstrued in comments and sometimes things are taken wrong. I've had this happen and I find the best thing to do is to send an apologizing email to the other person. Clear the air and be done with it privately. Nine times out of ten, everyone understands that it was only in jest--but it just gives you the opportunity to straighten it out. But don't do in in the blog or comments--do it privately.

    I think you feel bad about the event and he probably does too. Go and clear it up--you'll both feel better.

  2. I thought things were smoothed out, my dear Lin. In fact, I thought they were twice, but he just kept piling it on. The final straw came when he deleted the comment, which left me in an indefensible position, and aside from all that, this is not just about me.

    No, our Heavenly Father does not need me to defend His honor, but that deleted comment could lead someone to wonder just how nasty I got. Considering the fact that there are many who feel perfectly justified to get real nasty in His name, it would not be hard to go there--regardless of there being any evidence of me ever doing so or not.

    Be assured that any "Christian" who says that they do not care about what others think of them has been woefully deceived. For the One whom they are supposed to be following cares a great deal about what everyone thinks of Him.

  3. Just dropping by to say thanks for the EC ad. I accepted it now and should be running in a few days!


  4. Thank you so very much, my dear Daisy!!! By the way, I love hugs and kisses.

  5. Thanks for all of the links to my site. I can use the additional traffic. I don't usually get all that many readers. Thanks!

    By the way, you are always welcome to comment on my blog as long as you add to the discussion. Because I promote my blog as a humor blog, I'd rather that the comments follow in that vein, but, as you know, I have never insisted on that.

    But if the only purpose of a comment is to tell me that the commenter doesn't think I'm funny, then, yes, I'm petty enough to delete the comment. And will again in the future. It's my blog and I'll delete if I want to.

    And, what do you mean Ms. Margo's ad wasn't meant to be serious? Are you telling me that I wasted my time responding to it and never had a chance? Darn!

    Feel free to delete this comment. It is, after all, your blog. I won't be offended in the least.

  6. Oh by the way, I seem to recall a comment exchange between us in which I first thanked you for your mention of me and, in the same comment, made a crack about your "not having a life" crack. Then, in follow up comments, I explained that I was only joking about taking offense at your "not having a life" crack. Did that comment exchange get deleted?

  7. I am really sorry that things got so far out of hand, my dear Joel. Be assured that I would have just let it go if you hadn't of deleted that comment, and then left a tirade that made it sound really bad. An email explaining your displeasure would have sufficed, and then it would have been as if it never happened.

    As in regards to the other examples that you mentioned, they are there for all to see. I wish you well. I really do.

  8. I hope you don't mind I put you in my blogroll. I love your site.

    Love and Blessings,

  9. Oh no, my dear AngelBaby, I don't mind being included on your Blogroll at all. In fact, I consider it a great honor, and I have added Your Caring Angels to my Places of Interest on the sidebar here. Thank you so very much!!!

  10. If it helps, I think your ugly by the way.....

  11. Well, that certainly explains a lot, and to take it even further, while being honest about it, my mother did dress me funny. Thanks for being so willing to be so helpful, my dear Adullamite.


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