Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Looking Ahead

We have had plenty of rain around here this year.  So, the fall changing of the leaves should be an awesome sight to behold.  We saw a few spectacular red-leaved maples on the way to and from the eye doctor last Monday (Oct. 19th) and I am hoping for a much clearer view in the near future.

Alas, my appointment with the eye doctor did not go as we thought it would.  For we had it in our heads that a month after I received an Avastin shot in both eyes to dry up the blood that had been collecting in the back of my eyes due to diabetic complications, I would go through another full examination and then be scheduled for my first cataract surgery (one for each eye at different times).  Last Monday was when the re-evaluation took place, but we evidently missed the part about it usually taking three shots of Avastin in each eye to completely dry up the excess blood and fluid.  For instead of being scheduled for my first cataract surgery, I got shot in the right eye again.  My left eye is scheduled to receive its second shot tomorrow (Oct. 22nd).

No, I had not suffered any set-backs.  In fact, my doctor was thrilled with my right eye testing at 20/40 after the first round.  My left eye is not doing nearly as well, but he said that I may not need the cataract surgery now.  So, we’ll see (PUN INTEDNDED!) if I should have the third round of shots on my next scheduled full examination on November 19th.

Just in case you are thinking that I should be seeing better than I am, I am right there with you.  For 20/40 is good enough to pass the eye examine for a driver’s license, but as if everything else about me is not rather weird, trying to use just my right eye to see has not been all that successful.  For when I close my left eye, a darkish blotch, which reminds me of when I have been blinded by a very bright light, shows up in the lower left side of my field of vision.  This is not so noticeable when I have both eyes open, but the entire left side of my vision is blurrier.

Further complicating my quest for clarity is that the strength of my eye glasses no longer fits my needs, but I still need to use them.  Now, if I could fix it to where they were around two-feet in front of my eyes, what I saw would be enormously magnified.  I tried looking at our television (31-inch high-definition screen around eight-feet from my chair) like that, and the words on the screen were at least 250% larger, along with being much easier to read (of course).

Arlynda does not want me trying to make something to hold my glasses around two-feet in front of my eyes.  So, I will just have to get by as is for the time being.

In anticipation of what I previously thought was my pending cataract surgeries, I have been completing ahead of time and scheduling for future publication content for this site.  I already have up to the middle of November finished, and I will continue to do this until at least sometime in December—regardless of when I may or may not have the cataract surgeries.  For I want to spend as much time as I can on the new website project when I can see well enough to work on it without stopping the flow of good stuff here.

Speaking of stopping the flow, the drama with the local healthcare institution keep gushing.  I thought I had secured a good primary care doctor (with an appointment scheduled and being told to have the pharmacy contact him for my prescriptions) before being notified that he had refused to accept me as patient on the day I needed the prescription for my blood pressure medicine renewed.  I suppose being my wife’s primary care doctor for around 10 years bears no weight with him.  Thankfully, my endocrinologist/diabetes specialist wrote a prescription for another month’s worth of Cartia, and I am waiting to hear whether or not a new doctor in the same clinic will accept me as a patient.  If not, there is a third healthcare institution in town, which may very well be a perfect fit for me.

Yeah, around here is where I often acknowledge the fact that I bear a great deal of responsibility for the quality of your lives by providing extraordinary entertainment and essential news.  All of that should go without saying by now—right?

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  1. I'm glad that your sense of humor has remained intact in spite of this eye setback. Take care. I'm sending positive thoughts your way that the surgery isn't necessary.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Stephen!!! Um, I was being serious.

  2. Have you always made it a habit to do things the hard way? The whole doctor thing can get quite annoying. I was considering changing primary care physicians so that I wouldn't have as far to go. The one closest to me I called and they said yes they were accepting new patients but they don't treat chronic pain. If they want to pick and choose what they treat then they should be a specialist instead of a general practitioner. Just my thought

    1. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Ann!!! Yeah, and I am stupid enough to think that doctors are supposed to heal pain--not cause more of it!


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