Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good, Great and Glorious Ads

Since not everyone has been as appreciative of my efforts with the Good, Bad and Ugly Ads series as they should be, it seemed prudent to shake things up a bit from time to time.  Hence, Good, Great and Glorious Ads, as well as Bad, Ugly and Awful Ads.  Oh, and if these new approaches are still not to your complete and utter satisfaction, I would tell you what you can do with the point of your view if saying things like that did not now leave such a bitter taste in my mouth.  Therefore, be ye thankful!




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  1. i've looked at that nokia phone. tempting...

  2. Thanks for stopping by, my dear TWG!!! I have read reports that claim that it has a vastly superior camera in comparison to other phones. On the other hand, you know that as soon as you break down and get one, someone else will come out with a camera phone that makes the pictures taken on that Nokia Lumia 1020 look like they were made with an Etch-A-Sketch.

  3. I'm the only person left in the world who doesn't have a mobile/cell phone - and I have no plans of getting one. I do not have the need.

    I'm a bit like the last of the Mohicans as above! ;)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Lee!!! Arlynda just has a plain old cell phone while I don't have any on account of rarely leaving the house.


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