Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good, Great and Glorious Ads

Since not everyone has been as appreciative of my efforts with the Good, Bad and Ugly Ads series as they should be, it seemed prudent to shake things up a bit from time to time.  Hence, Good, Great and Glorious Ads, as well as Bad, Ugly and Awful Ads.  Oh, and if these new approaches are still not to your complete and utter satisfaction, I would tell you what you can do with the point of your view if saying things like that did not now leave such a bitter taste in my mouth.  Therefore, be ye thankful!





  1. I doubt these ads would induce anyone to choose La Quinta which is too bad because La Quinta happens to be a very nice hotel chain. When my husband traveled extensively he always stayed at La Quinta if one was available - he was like a gold star/platinum/oh jeeze he's back again customer...

  2. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Grace!!! Hey, he might have been part of the inspiration for this ad campaign!

  3. Good and great! Especially the second one, it brings back to mind a happy moment when someone from work put a brown paper sack on my desk and said, Congrats on your wedding! This is for you! Inside was a girl and boy duck! I did keep them and raised them until they got too big and I gave them to Valley Fair for their children's barnyard!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Karen!!! Wow, was that some sort of a traditional wedding gift from a different culture or just something that someone thought would be really cool? Either way, it was cool!

  5. Oh my, I'm with Grace, these would not inspire me to choose La Quinta. The guy talking through all three has a very annoying tone. I couldn't watch them all the way through

  6. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Ann!!! Yeah, one has to have a good sense of humor to enjoy ads like that. (LOL?)


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