Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bad, Ugly and Awful Ads

Since not everyone has been as appreciative of my efforts with the Good, Bad and Ugly Ads series as they should be, it seemed prudent to shake things up a bit from time to time.  Hence, Good, Great and Glorious Ads, as well as Bad, Ugly and Awful Ads.  Oh, and if these new approaches are still not to your complete and utter satisfaction, I would tell you what you can do with the point of your view if saying things like that did not now leave such a bitter taste in my mouth.  Therefore, be ye thankful!




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  1. Okay- what color you brought to our blogging world this morning. I for one love your posts ....not always am I in agreement- like your Bad- I kind of like it- it would so be my kind of movie! Ha! Ha! Okay your ugly- well he does have a rock on great tan! Oh yes he does! ..and he's proud of it- so yeah- I'm saying- Beautiful! :)and for the last one- I was so taken away by the sheer beauty of the glowing shades- it's a keeper for me too! So let's agree to disagree! Ha! Ha! and may all your other comments be ENJOY-ABLE! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Karen!!! Alas, you are far too kind, but as long as you keep saying really nice things about me, you're a keeper! (LOL?)

  3. Personally I too do like the first ad. It has a very romantic feel to it. I think the company hired to produce that ad did it's job.

    I detest the ad with the gross old man walking the beach in that skimpy swim suit. It's just gross and if I were the company I would fire my ad team and hire a new one.

    As for the 'Awful' one I do agree it is an awful ad. I will say it does have an appeal if you are into decadence. I also think it is directly targeting our youth. The youth of today certainly do not need any help on their road to being lost. And, last but not least, it is advertising Vodka. Vodka is one of the most destructive and addictive alcoholic beverages.

    That's my thoughts and I hope you have a great day!

  4. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Jackie!!! Vodka never held any appeal to me back during my hard drinking days. On the other hand, I did find Southern Comfort quite comforting from time to time, but I do not recall it ever giving me licence to prance around a beach like that--certainly not without my boots on! (LOL?)

  5. The bad and the ugly were...awful (and bad and ugly). The awful was visually wonderful...

  6. The first one wasn't so bad, the second, um I don't care what kind of build a guy has, speedo's should be avoided. The last one didn't care for it at all.

  7. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Grace!!! I consider the last one as being awful on account of how slutty it is to be.

  8. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! Well, there's obviously no reason to send you an invitation to our next pool party, then. (LOL?)


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