Monday, March 21, 2011

Come Monday...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

“Come Monday…” is a weekly series that will involve a review of, or commentary about,  websites, movies, documentaries, television shows, sports, music, and whatever else may tickle my fancy at the time.  Be assured that these reviews will be generally positive, as in accordance to the Jimmy Buffett song “Come Monday.”  This is subject to change, however.  In fact, I would be most derelict in my duties to neglect going on a rant every once in a while.  For rants promote change, and change can be good—right?  Therefore, since good is generally considered as being a positive force in 99.3% of the parallel universes that I am aware of, even a rant could be considered as being something positive, and a genuine hissy-fit would be even better (so I’m told).

That is, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!! For this is about the [JVC HA-RX500 Stereo Headphones] that I received as a belated Christmas present last January, and in that very same belated spirit, I am just now getting around to publishing this review.

Yeah, you really do have a good reason to be a little miffed. For I just thought I knew what a joy it was to listen to Led Zeppelin and The Who cranked to the max through a set of headphones before.

No, I do not believe that you are quite getting it yet. For with these JVC HA-RX500 Stereo Headphones, I really am hearing things that I never heard before in songs that I have been listening to for well over 30 years now, and the volume is often starting to get really uncomfortable at 50. Whereas, with my old headphones, setting the volume at 100 was most often not nearly loud enough.

It is said that our Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways, which I now know is not necessarily true. For He has personally revealed to me that His supposed mysterious ways has more to do with us just not recognizing His hand at work than with Him keeping us in the dark.

Ah, but He still delights in surprising us when we least expect it, which is what He has done for me with these headphones. For I was absolutely devastated when my old beloved headphones were literally pulled apart last summer, but if that had not happened, I would not be glorying in the musical sounds that I am now able to hear.

No, I really don’t think that I am taking this way over the top at all. For in the past, I have been so disappointed to not be able to find a YouTube video of a song with enough volume support so that you-all could come to love it as much as I do. You ought to hear what those videos sound like with these headphones, and for only $19.98, plus shipping and handling, you can.

Yep, [ONLY $19.98 at Amazon]! Furthermore, if you would buy something else to raise the order to at least $25.00, THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR SHIPPING AND HANDLING!!!

I’m sorry for yelling. This is all still so very exciting to me. I wonder if the $300+ headphones have miniaturized versions of the musicians playing live in the cups?

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  1. This way you will not hear the women yelling!

  2. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Adullamite!!! Well, they are not fully "noise-cancelling," like others claim to be, but to be quite honest about it, I don't think a set of headphones can be made to cancel that out.

  3. I'm glad you got these - you sound so happy. You will be able to hear your music - you just won't hear others talk! sandie

  4. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Sandie!!! Yes, if I have the volume cranked-up enough...

  5. Nothing beats 'The Who' cranked up full blast. Enjoy your new toy!!

  6. they sound like something I need since I can't hear worth a darn.

  7. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ryan!!! Baba O'Riley...OH YEAH!!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! Please, do yourself a really big favor and get them. Be assured that you are not going to be sorry in the least, and just think of all of the country music that you can rock out to without disturbing Wade! Of course, don't let him try them unless you have already gotten a set for him. By the way, I forgot to mention in the review that they come with two different sizes of jacks--a smaller one for a computer and a larger one that should fit most home stereo systems.


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