Thursday, February 4, 2010

Puppy Bowl VI

Quite frankly, I have had some problems with the [Animal Planet] channel. For many of their shows are beyond lame.

Nonetheless, they do have one star in their stable, and it will be undoubtedly shining as brightly as ever this coming Sunday, February 7, 2010. For that is when [Puppy Bowl VI] will be contested at the same time as [Super Bowl XLIV].

Yeah, maybe there is a good reason for why there are so many lame shows on Animal Planet? For if the powers that be there think that they are going to get a lot of viewers while the Super Bowl is being broadcast, they’ve been hitting the catnip a little too hard.

On the other hand, viewership of the Puppy Bowl has been steadily rising over the years, and after doing an interview with a couple of the stars during media day, I must admit that I am a little excited about what may happen. Thankfully, since Animal Planet doesn’t have all that much to compete for airtime, the Puppy Bowl will surely be shown over and over again. If not, it can be seen on Animal Planet’s website.

Me: "It says here in the media guide that your name is Pinch, and that you are [bischon frise]?"

Pinch: "Well, my name is actually Pinche. For I am French."

Me: "Hmm, I don’t see anything in the media guide about you being from France."

Pinch: "I was born in Paris."

Me: "Oh, here it is, and it does say that you are from Paris. Paris, Texas, that is."

Pinch: "I am still French, and I wanted a more intimidating name. So, instead of it being Pin-shay, the name is now Pinch. Pretty clever—no?"

Bugger: "After I get a hold of him, he’s gonna wee-wee all over himself."

Pinch: "Cretan!"

Me: "It says here that you are Bugger, and that you are a [bulldog]?"

Bugger: "Yep. You gotta problem with that?"

Me: "No, not at all. I am rather curious about your name, however."

Bugger: "What about it?"

Me: "Well, British people might get quite a chuckle out of it."

Bugger: "It has to do with what happens to the eyes of those who get in my way."

Me: "Again…"

Bugger: "You are just sick."

Me: "Wouldn’t it be better if your name was Buggy?"

Bugger: "No."

Pinch: "He has no social graces. Why are you wasting your time on him when I am the obvious star of the show?"

Me: "That is to be determined this Sunday."

Bugger: "Yeah, and I wouldn’t be counting on them [catahoula] ringers your team has brought in."

Pinch: "You can growl like a big dog now, but you’ll be yelping for your momma, come game-time."

Bugger: "Did they enjoy all of those cheese treats?"

Pinch: "If you’ve done anything sneaky to bind-up our offense, you’ll be hearing from the commissioner!"

Bugger: "We sent him some, too. Along with a cute little teacup poodle, who just loves to play—if you know what I mean?"

Pinch: "This is an outrage!"

Bugger: "Only if the video comes out."

Me: "Speaking of such, are either one of you nervous about performing in front of such a large crowd?"

Pinch: "Show-business is in my blood."

Bugger: "I am just focused on flattening that powder puff as soon as the whistle blows."

Me: "Well, I hope you both have a good game."

Pinch: "I promise that you will be most entertained."

Bugger: "I think I’m gonna be sick."

The following is a video of some highlights from Puppy Bowl IV, as well as one of the Kitty Halftime Show from Puppy Bowl III. Rumors are flying that rabbits will provide the halftime entertainment this year. Is this too much to hope for or what?

Link: [On YouTube]

Link: [On YouTube]

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  1. I love the animal planet I can just turn it on and listen while my dog watches. Just kidding I do like some of their shows but the puppy bowl is not on my list of favorites it is cute for the first maybe half an hour then I get bored.

  2. Being that I am NOT a football fan or watcher, Em and I LOVE the Puppy Bowl each year. I love the ref who blows his whistle and throws a flag for the little guy that has an accident or the infamous "bowl cam"! Okay, so it is sort of lame--it is very cute and beats the heck out of boring football. It's either that or I go shopping that day.

  3. oh, I just loved this...I love dogs!! Puppy Bowl it is for me!!

  4. That interview was spectacular. Makes me wanna skip the Super Bowl, which I only watch for the commercials anyway. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

  5. oh maybe I can get Duke to watch this with me. I had no idea I had other options on Super Bowl Sunday :)

  6. Okay, maybe I should have included a disclaimer. For my wife truly loves a lot of the "stuff" on Animal Planet, but at least she'll be watching the Super Bowl with me. We'll watch what we recorded of the Puppy Bowl later, and like you, I usually get bored after a half of an hour or so. The possibility of rabbits for the halftime show does have me intrigued, however. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Sundcarrie!!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Lin!!! Being that Hobbes weighs in at a healthy 48 pounds of orange stripey goodness, you might get him signed for next years Puppy Bowl. Yeah, I know he is a cat, but with a good lawyer...

  8. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Clueless!!! If you have never seen the Puppy Bowl before, you are in for a treat, and even if you have, you still are.

  9. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Shelly!!! Thank you also for noticing what a great interviewer I am. Not everyone can get responses like that--you know.

  10. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!!! Yes, I do believe that you and Duke would have a great time watching the Puppy Bowl. Just don't be too shocked if he wants to start using you as a tackling dummy afterwards.

  11. The Puppy Channel(R) loves The Puppy Bowl! And because there's been some confusion about this, we believe we should tell you that neither nor our parent, the CHANNEMALS(SM) is related to that Super Sunday show, or its momma, Animal Planet, or its poppa, Discovery Communications. We respect and admire them and will be watching on 2/7. Other times, we invite you to for a smile break! Woof!

  12. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Fitz!!! Thank you also for clearing up any confusion between the Puppy Bowl and The Puppy Channel that may have been inadvertently derived from this article. Be assured that my wife and all of our puppies have scolded me severely for posting something that sounds awfully negative, and I have woke up with the left side of my head being extraordinarily damp a couple of times since. No one has come forward to accept responsibility, but they all looked rather amused.

  13. Puppy Bowl sound more interesting than the Super Yawn!
    The contestants will, no doubt, have a higher intelligence at the Puppy Bowl!

  14. There's a programme in this country called Animals Do the Funniest Things. About as amusing as going to the dentist...

  15. Yes, you would know a thing or two about yawning. Thanks for coming by again, my dear Adullamite!!!

  16. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Auld Reekie Mike!!! Did you and Adullamite decide to come over and try your hands at harassing me? Well, it worked!


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