Friday, June 22, 2012

The Doctor Was In

As I told you last time, my wife made an appointment for me to go see (pun intended!) our [endocrinologist], [Dr. Daniel F. Lyons], yesterday, in the hope of determining if my current vision problems are just a Type 2 [diabetic] complication or something more serious, and I am happy to report that it was confirmed that I did not suffer a stroke and that my vision problems are just a result of my blood sugar levels being way too high for way too long.

Be assured that I have much more to say about this, but it will have to wait until later today.  For my vision is much worse in the hours right after I wake up than it is after I have been up for a while.  The rest of the story will be added as an update to this piece as soon as I am more able to type and do all of the other things that must be done to publish something over the internet—I promise (even though I am not supposed to).

June 22, 2012 6:30 p.m. CDT

Okay, I can see a little better now.  It is still quite a struggle.  So, sympathy for me would be most appropriate.

At least the doctor was sympathetic.  In fact, he didn’t even rub it in that he had warned me that I was taking quite a risk with my health by not taking the [Metformin] and [Nololog 70/30 FlexPen] he had prescribed to keep my blood sugar levels under better control.

In all fairness, I am not one to refuse to take medications when it is clear that they are absolutely necessary.  For the main reason why I was not taking what he had prescribed was on account of the cost.  For even with insurance, my wife and I’s prescribed medications cost almost $300.00 a month in [copays], and I was not suffering any complications from my Type 2 diabetes while I believed that my wife really needed to take her meds.  After being married to me for the last 234 years, she would probably tell you that she needs to take a lot more, but I would rather not get into that right now.

All in all, the trip wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared, but this is certainly not to suggest that I would like to make a habit of it.  For most of the medical facilities around here are of the new modern design with huge open spaces, which are undoubtedly a wonder to behold to those who have the energy to walk for more than 50 yards at a minimum.  No, this is not the distance from the parking lot to an entrance.  For what I am talking about is what you face after entering one of these cavernous enclosures, which have several acres under one roof.

Perhaps having to walk so far to get to work may have been the reason for why so many of the staff in the clinic acted like they didn’t have a clue, nor cared to ever find one?  When it came time for blood to be drawn for testing, the little lady asked me which arm I preferred to have impaled, and after I told her that I wanted to be stuck in the back of my hand on account of the veins in my arms being very deep and having a tendency to roll, she kept feeling for a vein on the inside of my right elbow.  So, I attempted to further explain that trying to draw blood from a vein in my arm is often a futile (for the [phlebotomist]) and very painful (for me) exercise, but she kept right on with what she had been doing.  When I asked her why, she informed me that she had to check my arm first on account of procedure, which is a crock.  A little later, the truth came out that she didn’t know how to draw blood from the back of a hand, which is baffling to me.  For I understand that it requires a smaller “butterfly” needle, but you can actually see the veins in the back of my hand.  Another med tech finished the job.

Hopefully, the sweet young thing in charge of weights and measures did know what she was doing.  For she confirmed my suspicions about having lost a considerable amount of weight in the last 8-9 months by informing me that I am down to 310 pounds, which is still way too fat for my ever-shrinking frame, but certainly better than the 406 pounds that I topped out at.  In regards to my frame, I have lost another ¼ inch, which has me down to 5’ 9 ¼” from the 6’ 0” that I was before I became so sick.

Alas, I have no doubt that you are finding all of this absolutely fascinating, but I need to try to publish a Sites To See before my wife wakes up and starts yelling at me for not finishing my chores yet.  Sigh.   


  1. Good for you, one less sickness, just the routine ones.

  2. glad to hear it wasn't a stroke. Now get that blood sugar under control or I'm sending Duke to do his drill sergeant act on you

  3. Jerry I am so glad it was not a stroke. I am worried about you. You need to take your medicine! I didn't know you had diabetes. I am so happy you lost over 100 pounds - that is awesome. Sandie

  4. Ah medical staff who will not admit they know nothing! In the UK doctors prefer building s with lots of helpful steps! Great for cripples.
    I make it you were once 29 stone in weight and are now just over 22! Ya big lump! No wonder you are sick! I thought being over 15 was fat!
    I can see the problem with the meds, too many, too costly, a right big rip off!
    Must go, I have Pizza for breakfast...........

  5. I am pretty sure you didn't have as much fun at the med center as I had reading this post. Happy to hear no stroke, but sorry to hear about the eyesight problems.

  6. There has to be some way to get your medications at a better price - Medicaid/Medicare? (I don't honestly know anything about them). Good work on the weight loss, only 100 more pounds to go! I know you realize that not keeping up with your diabetes meds will have some horrible, horrible affects - for a smart man you can be a little silly here. Don't make me come there and smack some sense into you!

  7. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Adullamite!!! Easy for you to say. (LOL?)

  8. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Ann!! Mam, yes mam!

  9. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Sandie!!! It is getting better--certainly not fast enough for my satisfaction, but still...

  10. Thanks for stopping by again (and again), my dear Adullamite!!! Not seeing your second comment before serves as a good example of how limited my vision still is. You really should have more sympathy for me.

  11. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Fisher!!! Thank you also for caring. The worst part has been not being able to see our pups sneaking up on me to steal my treats. I suspect that our kitties have been in on it as well, but I have never been able to could catch them in the act.

  12. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Grace!!! Methinks I may have had too many loving smacks to the head already, but I have lost count.


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