Monday, April 5, 2010

Come Monday...The Real Face of Jesus?

“Come Monday…” is a weekly series that will involve a review of, or commentary about, websites, movies, documentaries, television shows, sports, music, and whatever else may tickle my fancy at the time. Be assured that these reviews will be generally positive, as in accordance to the Jimmy Buffett song “Come Monday.” This is subject to change, however. In fact, I would be most derelict in my duties to neglect going on a rant every once in a while. For rants promote change, and change can be good—right? Therefore, since good is generally considered as being a positive force in 99.3% of the parallel universes that I am aware of, even a rant could be considered as being something positive, and a genuine hissy-fit would be even better (so I’m told).

Last Wednesday, I caught a rerun of [The Real Face of Jesus?] on [The History Channel (THC)], and I was shocked by a number of things. For like so many others, THC has been infected with a severe case of reality programming, and this is the first legitimate documentary that I have seen them produce in quite some time.

Of course, I suppose it all depends upon what your definition of legitimate is, and even in this case, I have to grin every time I try to refer to it in such a way. For they stretched maybe 30 minutes of actual footage into a two hour long broadcast by repeatedly repeating what had been already covered, along with all of the commercials that are needed to pay the bills and then some.

Okay, perhaps this is more about defining quality than legitimacy, and I just don’t get it. For instead of striving to produce a program that will blow the competition away, most of the “stuff” that is being offered by all of the television networks is just a different flavor of the same old thing.

Yes, all of the so-called experts claim that most of the viewing public have attention spans of a ga-nat, and when it comes to THC, I can see where that might have some influence. For the demographics indicate that what viewers are not suffering from [Alzheimer’s] are more than likely suffering from just plain old-fashioned [senility], but I wonder if it may be the powers that be at THC who are suffering from something? After all, is it really just a coincidence that [THC] is also the main psychoactive substance to cannabis (a.k.a. marijuana)?

Sadly, I did not get high from watching The Real Face of Jesus?, but I still found some parts of it fascinating. For it would seem that it has now been scientifically proven that the [Shroud of Turin] could not be the work of some unknown medieval artist.

Yes, the jury is still out on whether it is truly the burial shroud of my Lord and Savior, and I am not real confident about there ever being an end to the raging debate. For there is the radiocarbon testing in 1988 that said that the material of the shroud was probably made between 1260 and 1390 A.D., but the other side of the argument claims that those dates came from either prior handling or smoke residue from a fire back around then.

No, I cannot say for sure—either way. For the truth about the shroud is something that our Heavenly Father has not personally revealed to me, but I would sure like to believe that it is the real deal.

Yes, I understand that it really doesn’t matter. For the Shroud of Turin holds no significance, other than being a very special historical artifact.

The show is scheduled to be aired again at 4 PM [Central] this coming Saturday (April 10, 2010). Since THC dearly wants you to purchase DVD’s of shows like this, I wouldn’t expect to find any rebroadcasts of the show on the web. So, I hope you can catch the show the next time around if you have not seen it already.

The following is a video of a [Fox News] segment about the show. What do you think? Better yet, has our Heavenly Father told you something about the subject at hand that He has not shared with me?

P.S.: Since this blog is starting to gain a fairly loyal following, it is time to possibly mess things up. No, it will not be anything too drastic, but I have been feeling more and more pressure to post more obvious pieces on what this blog is supposed to be all about, which is to help clear-up much of the confusion that now exists concerning our Heavenly Father and the righteousness of all of His most awesome ways, especially in regards to just what we are and the very close and personal relationship that we can have with Him in this day and age.

Therefore, the Weird Al battles will be moved to Thursdays (along with the rest of the Single Shots), and I will be introducing a new series by the name of Real M&C, which will be a real version of The Minister & The Crackerhead, this coming Saturday. If you have not already run across it, The Minister & The Crackerhead is the second book in line at [FishHawk Droppings], and it is a fictitious account of an encounter between a more devoutly religious person (The Minister) and myself (The Crackerhead).

I will also be posting some more Crumbs from time to time, which are made up of things that our Heavenly Father has personally revealed to me. Of course, you may have a real problem with that, which should make for some very interesting reading—right? Anyway, the rest of the line-up will remain the same, and I hope not too many of you will run away in horror.

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  1. Run away from you? Those that will already have dear boy!

    Documentaries here are now filled with actors, most of whom have no idea what they are doing! The reason put forward for such nonsense is that dramatised docs bring in more viewers. 6 million will watch a BBC doc with actors, only 3 will watch without actors.
    Even worse are those shown on non BBC channels, with four breaks for ads, narration aimed at 9 year olds (or Americans), and stuffed dummies which in fact turn out to be actors. Dreadful, the need to entertain outdoes the need to inform!

    As for the shroud it is a fake. The gospels show that 'strips of cloth were used, possibly including a shroud, and that strips were used around the head. One big shroud is not mentioned there.
    Burn it, it deceives!

  2. I hear what you are saying about dramatizations being passed off as documentaries. For they are just not the same thing, and the added "stuff" often detracts from what really happened.

    There were no actors in this show, however, but I still found it disappointing. As in regards to the strips, that was actually addressed. For they proposed that the added-on pieces on the sides of the shroud were what was used to wrap around it after it covered the body. On the other hand, I am in no position to argue that the shroud is genuine, and I abhor any worship of it.

    Anyway, I think you would enjoy at least parts of the show if you ever get an opportunity to see it. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Adullamite!!!

  3. Way back when I was in college, I did a research paper on the Shroud and my findings were that it was authentic of a man who was crucified and had similar marks as Jesus would have. What I ultimately came away with was a deeper understanding of what Jesus went through.

  4. Hey there FishHawk,

    I caught this documentary this weekend (thank you DVR) and I must say that it was very interesting. Out of all the points that were made during the show, the most telling has to be the fact that we cannot re-create a similar image because the image on the shroud was superimposed by light. Just something that definitely caught my attention. Later!

  5. However it is proven, the shroud only reminds me that He is risen. Fake or not. That is a good thing to believe. For those that believe it, let them. The shroud must not be an artifact to be worshipped, but it should be a reminder that we are also released from sin and death if we follow our Lord! Selah!

  6. Whether real or not it is still a reminder of the persecution and hell that Jesus went through. It's message is what is important to remember.

  7. Well, I'm not going anywhere...back surgery will keep a captive audience. ;) Kidding - I wouldn't go anywhere even if I could.

    I saw that program - and agree with you 110%. I was bummed b/c I was looking forward to the program - and felt like they kept saying the same thing. Parts of it were interesting and I wish they had included some of the information I thought they were going to touch on. Maybe our expectations were too high for a cable channel?

    On a different topic - have you watched Life at all? It's on several channels on Sunday night. It's fascinating.

    In any event, the in-depth "coverage" of what Christ went through was interesting. It's one thing to be told of the events when you're a child in Sunday School - it's quite another to have it portrayed for you by actors. I thought they did a good job conveying his suffering...or I may be confusing that part with another program run on THC either right before - or right after - this program. I was on some righteous pain meds, don't 'cha know. xx

  8. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Coleen!!! This show appeared to prove that your findings were correct. For as part of the process, they had to remove the blood stains, which distinguished the apparent wounds. In the words of one of the scientists involved, "They beat that man to Hell," which is not necessarily part of standard crucifixion practice to the extent of my understanding of such, but it is consistent with the accounts of what Christ Jesus had to endure for us. Um, just to be clear, I consider what the scientist said to be a poor choice of words, but it certainly conveys the viciousness of His ordeal.

  9. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Metallman!!! I was also fascinated by that, as well as by them being able to recreate the effect with a scanner. To me, the most fascinating part was the final image they came up with. For the face was so similar to what has been portrayed for centuries, and I would like to believe that Christ Jesus really looks like that. Of course, it really doesn't matter, and if He turns out to actually be black or Asian, be assured that my love for Him would not waver.

  10. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Anonymous!!! Oh how I wish you had of identified yourself. For I agree with everything that you said. On the other hand, even if I didn't, I would still want you to identify yourself. For I truly value reasonable comments, and I live for interaction with anyone who would be so inclined.

  11. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Joanne!!! One of the most amazing things that our Heavenly Father has personally revealed to me is that the cross was all about Him proving Himself unto us. For instead of Him just saying that He loves us enough to die for us--He went ahead and actually did it, and as you so eloquently stated, the Shroud of Turin helps to remind us of that.

  12. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Queen Katherine!!! No, I haven't seen any of the "Life" programs. Since we do get several Christian/Religious channels, I'll check to see if any of them carry those shows.

    As in regards to dramatizations of what Christ Jesus had to suffer, I already have quite enough for me. Yes, I realize that it sounds rather pretentious (as well as gutless), but one of things that I have been given to live with since my change is a fairly deep sense of what He is still enduring, which is the intense pain of a broken heart over far too many not wanting to truly have a very close and personal relationship with Him. For they are very content with what they believe they already have, and they are not the least bit interested in exploring the possibility that it is not good enough for Him.

  13. I won't run, in fact... I'll take a seat :)

  14. Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Crystal!!! Please don't be shy about jumping in when you feel like it--even if you believe that I am an idiot. Be assured that I have been made well aware of how ridiculous much of what I have been given to say is to most.


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