Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WhiteHeart Wednesday

Link: [Nothing But The Best: Radio Classics]

MP3 Audio From: [BlogDumps Video]

A Love Calling
Like the dawn breaking
The Light came shining through
And a heart broken
Is now a heart given to You
But still there’s something deeper
Something more than gratitude
And it’s saying
There’s so much more that we can do

We’ve got a love calling
A love calling
Oh we’ve got a love calling
‘Cause we hear Love calling

Ah there’s a new wind blowing
Since we’ve been given this call
When Your Spirit is leading
Oh it doesn’t feel like a burden at all
There are still lands locked in darkness
There are hearts like an empty room
And we’ll never know how to help them
Until Father
We listen to you

We’ve got a love calling
A love calling
Oh we got a love calling
‘Cause we hear Love calling

Like the rustle of an autumn breeze
I can hear You whisper inside of me
And I know
In my heart of hearts I do believe
Now I’m thanking You for giving me

A love calling
Oh a love calling
Oh we’ve got a love calling
‘Cause we hear a love falling
Calling for a new vision
Oh a heart mission
Oh and it’s drawing
It’s drawing us
‘Cause we hear Love calling
A love calling

Do you hear His love calling
Do you give yourself away
Oh do you feel He’s drawing you nearer
Do you feel Him drawing near you

Link: [WhiteHeart]


  1. I love Whiteheart.
    Thanks for the memories....time to pull out those LPs tonight!


  2. You are most welcome, my dear David!!! It's a shame that they don't fit better in CD players.

  3. I love Whiteheart! I think I've said it before, but as a prayer counselor for them in Ft. Wayne, IN., after many of the concerts, I found the guys in this group had an amazing heart for the people who answered the call and came forward. They joined us and prayed with the kids. Rick, Rikk, Rik (he changed his name spelling each album) was especially caring. It was amazing. Oh and I once sang "How Many Times" in youth group...oh yeah.


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