Thursday, March 8, 2018

To Catch A Butterfly - Crystal Mary Lindsey


The first thing I would like you to know is that I am a manly man.  Quite naturally, therefore, I would NEVER want to read a romance novel—not even a Christian one!  However, our Heavenly Father sees things differently, and here I am reviewing To Catch A Butterfly.  It was a delightful read.  Yes, it is indeed an authentic romance novel, but there is much more to this book than just that.  Furthermore, there is a surprise bonus at the end.  Make up your own mind, but read this book, you must.  Just click on the cover to go to its page.


  1. Nope, sorry, can't read romance novels. I've never liked them. Create a new genre for it without using the word romance and I might be able to read

    1. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Ann!!! How about puppy love? (LOL?)


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