Saturday, August 1, 2009

Janet's Dedication Page

Sandy of [Traveling Suitcase], [Bridge and Beyond Project], [Homespun Helpers] and [Sandy’s Space] fame called my attention to [this post] about [Janet’s Dedication Page], which is a part of the [Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Project]. Aside from it being for a worthy cause in general, this matter is of particular interest to Sandy. For Janet is her niece.

Therefore, I hope you will at least take a little time to go sign the page, and if you are in the market for some super cool looking shades, these [Livestrong Oakleys] ought to fit the bill. To be honest, they would sure improve the appearance of many of you. Just sayin’.


  1. Thank you for posting this, to hopefully draw more attention to this. We've all had someone we care about go through the torment of cancer. It takes it's toll in so many ways.

    Hope lots of folks see this, not just for Janet's sake, but they might have someone they'd like to do a page on, they might want to contribute. There are so many ways to give for the benefit of others.

    Have a super Sunday, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. My dad died of lung cancer, and my wife's father died of brain cancer. It is my hope that progress can be made to combat this dreaded disease, my dear Sandy. I'm glad you're pleased with this post.


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