Monday, June 1, 2009

Come Monday...Ice Road Truckers III

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The map image is of the [Dalton Haul Road], which is the setting for [Season 3] of [The History Channel’s] [Ice Road Truckers] series. Being in [Alaska] this season is a departure from the previous two. For [Season 1] was set from [Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada] along the ice road over multiple frozen lakes to the diamond mines to the north, and [Season 2] was set mostly from [Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada] to the off-shore oil rigs that could be accessed with a truck when the [Artic Ocean] froze solid enough to support the weight.

On [FishHawk Droppings], I started posting reviews of each episode of Season 2 last year, but I didn’t get very far with it. For after [Episode 11] and [Episode 12], it had become clear to me that there wasn’t all that much to say about the series without just adding all the more to the insanity, and I expressed such in [Episode 13].

No, I haven’t changed my mind, but I am compelled to point out some new twists to Season 3. For as if documenting the insanity of driving on roads that you cannot stand up on is not enough to capture the attention of the masses, the producers of Ice Road Truckers have introduced a super sexy driver into the mix this year.

Sadly, the road proved to be very hard on her. For by seasons end, she did not look nearly as good as she did in the beginning.

Okay, I made that last part up. For the first picture is of the very lovely Ms. [Lisa], but the next picture is of [Hugh], who has been a feature of all three seasons.

[Alex] is also back for his third go-around, and this is especially good news. For aside from being a very entertaining, really good guy, he had to stop his season short last year because of severe heart problems.

Of course, that just goes to prove that those who drive these roads are just not right in the head. For just thinking about some of the “fun” that I have had on icy roads in a big truck is enough to get my heart to racing out of control, and what I have experienced is nothing in comparison to what true Ice Road Truckers are driving on.

If you don’t believe me, check out the show on Sunday nights. Granted, the producers of the show cannot resist over-hyping. For they kept showing a shot last night of a part of the road that is called, “The Rollercoaster,” that makes it look like it is practically straight up and down, which would make it impossible to actually drive up. Aside from such nonsense, however, watching the show can certainly give you a very realistic idea of what it is like to live your life on the edge behind the wheel of a big rig.


  1. Thanks for letting me know it was back on! My husband and I love this show (not sure why!), and have been wondering when and if a new season would appear!

  2. Yeah, it snuck up on my wife and I, as well. For we do not watch the History Channel like we used to since they started broadcasting so many really awful shows.

    Not that Ice Road Truckers is one of them, but they take liberties in an effort make the show even more exciting that ruins it for me. Now, if they wanted to add to the reality of driving on ice, they could set up something to measure the amount of suction on the surface of the driver's seat when they are negotiating some of those tight turns!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by, my dear Lynne!!! I hope you and your husband enjoy this season.

  3. Daft programme! Anyone who wants to be anywhere near the snow and ice is clearly mental!

  4. It certainly takes more than I was given, my dear Adullamite. For the longer I stayed out there, the more cautious I became in bad driving conditions. For with greater experience came a greater understanding of just how much can go so very wrong (naturally-speaking, of course).

  5. I really like this show too. It boggled my mind that I did, but watching these drivers on treacherous journeys is compelling viewing. Thanks for letting us know it is back on. Like Lynne, I didn't know either. Another one that has caught my attention is Deadliest Catch. These guys fish for crab in Alsaka, and it is another battle of man against nature. You're never sure which will win.

  6. I would enjoy Ice Road Truckers a lot more if the producers would resist the tempatation to add "stuff," but I understand that those who do not already have around 3 million miles behind the wheel of a big rig like myself wouldn't recognize such. So, all in all, it is a good show, my dear Cherlock.

    I also enjoy "Ax Men" on the History Channel, but my wife and I have resisted tuning into "Deadliest Catch." For we already have too much to watch, and we are afraid that we will become addicted to the show (naturally-speaking, of course).

  7. I started to leave your comment up, my dear Anonymous. For I don't mind promoting a legitimate site, but then I was reminded of the fact that if it was a legitimate site, you would've had no problem at least leaving your name in the comment itself. Furthermore, leaving comments on really old posts is usually a bad way to attract visitors, but in the case of truck driving, I can see where it might still do some good to leave a comment on a piece like this. So, if you are legit, please keep those things in mind.


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