Saturday, September 14, 2013

ESPN Additions

Ironically, some of the best television commercials are for ESPN, and only air on ESPN.  Now, I do not know if these ads really are meant to add all the more to the viewing experience, but it works for me.

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  1. I must be getting dumb (dumber) in my old age...I don't get this. D'oh!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Lee!!! No, it has nothing to do with getting older. For one would not get this without being fairly familiar with some of the subtle nuances of American football.

    In this particular case, a quarterback will often wear a wristband with designations for plays being called by a coach on the sideline listed on it. Plays can be quite complicated, with a certain designation for specific blocking assignments, along with where the running backs and the receivers are supposed to be doing and going. An example of this would be a coach calling for red dog Atlanta Chevy Chase at midnight, with red dog having the offensive line pulling to the right. Alabama would have the running backs staying home to block the defenders pouring across the line of scrimmage on the left. Chevy Chase would have the receivers crisscrossing over the middle of the field, and midnight would be for the quarterback throwing the ball deep down the field to the open receiver (hopefully).

    Many teams are now calling plays via signboards on the sideline, and some of them can be rather interesting. For they will have a picture of a celebrity, with a Toyota icon and a Chicago-style hot dog. Some teams even have up to seven different symbols per play for both offense and defense! Oh, and after a certain amount of time, the symbols will change to mean different things.

    So, here this ad has Tony Romo, the quarterback of my beloved Dallas Cowboys, who lost today to the Kansas City Chiefs, checking his wristband to see who has what phone extension number (I think).

    Okay, maybe one needs to be a might "touched" to think of this ad as being funny. Sigh.


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