Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lost on a Dirt Road

A couple of weeks after announcing that the new site directory was basically ready to launch a couple of months ago, I had one of my epic dreams.  I consider them to be epic because of how realistic they seem to be and how very clear memories of the dream stay with me for days.  This one involved being on the truck and heading across the country with a load of produce bound for Brooklyn, NY.  The dream started with me being behind the wheel and noticing that I was now driving on a dirt road somewhere in western Pennsylvania—not I-80.  Even though the dirt road was firm and smooth, I panicked.  For I did not know exactly where I was, nor if there were any bridges insufficient to hold my weight just around the bend.  Oh no, there was no place to just turn around and go back to where I had got off of the interstate.  My panic grew and grew each time I stopped in a small town (without any side-streets, nor intersecting roads) to ask just where I was and how to get back to the interstate because the only answers I received were that I was where I was at and that they had never heard of an interstate highway, nor where I might be on my map.  Furthermore, I was running low on fuel and only had $100 in cash to buy diesel since no one in the towns I stopped in had ever heard of a fuel charge card—let alone accept the one I had.  The dream ended without me making it out of the nightmare alive and left me with a very uneasy feeling about heading in the wrong direction with the development of the new site directory.

While finding more and more mistakes I had made in the processing of the information the new site directory will provide, I swallowed hard and played with a new process, which would involve starting almost completely all over.  Thankfully, it is a much better way, and I was amazed at how much faster the processing was going.  In fact, I was even planning on launching a scaled-down version of the new directory on the anniversary of the beginning of my nightmarish hospital stay last year on September 4th.

On July 19th, Arlynda was out with her mother and fell hard on her rear on the sidewalk to an auto parts store.  This was the first of four times she has fallen since.  I will forego including anymore details, but work on the new site directory has come to an almost complete halt because of me spending my available energy upon doing what I can for Arlynda.  Be assured that I really miss visiting your sites, and I hope you-all have been doing at least relatively well.  I still have hope that things will at least get back to normal for us, but I have no idea when that might be.

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