Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pulling the Plug on SiteHoundSniffs

It is with great sadness that I must announce the closure of on September 27, 2017. The email address associated with the site ( will also come to an end on that date. So, if someone sends you an email from that address or leaves a comment on your site appearing to have something to do with after September 27, be assured that it is not coming from me. If you want, you can email me at

What you just read is now on the home page of SiteHoundSniffs. I had such high hopes, but there is simply not enough traffic to justify the expense required to keep the site going for another year. It was because of our main computer suddenly dying on August 9th that kept me offline for around three weeks, and the $210.00 we spent upon purchasing a refurbished one ate up the funds that could have kept SiteHoundSniffs going.

Another reason for ending SiteHoundSniffs is that I am to spend my available time and energy upon writing again, and the content of many pf the articles to be published here will undoubtedly upset a great many in one way or another. Alas, there does not seem to be a lot of tolerance going around these days—even among the more bleeding heart liberal types.

Oh, and I am to start leaving regular comments here and there again, which will certainly stir-up some “stuff” when I may not be in full agreement with the author of the article or even some of the other commentators. Be assured that my comments will always be respectful, but that does not count for much to far too many when I am trying to convey something they vehemently disagree with.

Oh yeah, I foresee getting into all sorts of trouble, which would cause most advertisers to shy away. It probably would not help drive more traffic toward SiteHoundSniffs, neither.

It was an easy decision to let the site directory end while I was thinking that only three people had visited it in July. A closer look at the stats available to me proved that I had been looking in the wrong column. For that total of three in July was referring to the average page-views per visitor, and SiteHoundSniffs had actually received over 40,000 hits in July. When consulting a very close friend, he wondered just how many of those hits came from web-crawling bots—not actual people. Nonetheless, we simply cannot really afford to spend the $200.00 necessary to renew for another year, and our Heavenly Father wants me to focus upon the real purpose for entering cyberspace in the first-place.

Yes, that includes publishing at least a couple more books. I have two more crumbs/chapters to add to the end of [The Crackerhead Chronicles] swirling around in my head, as well. I will see about converting [FishHawk Droppings] to pages instead of posts to make it easier to insert new books in the order they should be read.

When the previous main computer died, we lost use of MS Office. The copy we had was from 2010, and we had already installed it upon the two computers allowed by its license. So, I am learning how to use the free [Apache OpenOffice] program, which is proving to not be as difficult as I feared. I have discovered that it can even convert documents into a PDF!

Arlynda and I's physical health is as poor as ever, but at least we do not appear to be getting any worse. Arlynda's mother (who had been living with us) dying last January 15th) has been a rather bittersweet experience (to say the least). At least we have been able to clear-out some of the clutter. She had a lot of hoarder to her, and we still feel like we are doing something wrong when finding an empty cat food tin and throwing it in the trash. Be assured that we sure wish our turns to be delivered from this prison of a world will come much sooner than later.

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