Monday, January 30, 2017

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This is my second attempt at producing a video ad for SiteHoundSniffs.  I think it is a little better than the first one, but Grayson says, “Just a little—not so much.”  Sigh.

In regards to Super Bowl LI, since my beloved Cowboys did not make it again this year, I do not really have a dog in this fight.  Quite frankly, we will be cheering for offense, and we will not mind either team winning.  After all, the continuing excellence of the Patriots should be rewarded, but the Falcons have never won it.  Of course, when my beloved Cowboys win the next one, I will not care who they beat.  I will start holding my breath now.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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A star is born?  Hardly.  Not that it is Grayson’s fault.  For as he loves to tell anyone within his considerably range, he has a seriously sorry lot to work with, which the quality of that first ad attempt clearly indicates.  Maybe being really bad is really good?  Just ask the Sharknado movie series producers!

Speaking of producing, I have had an idea for this ad and several others for several weeks, but the Windows Movie Maker and Sound Recorder went away after installing Windows 10.  It was fairly easy to replace the sound recorder, but the movie maker was an entirely different story.  After weeks of searching for a suitable free replacement, I decided to investigate just how complicated Adobe’s Premier Elements 9, which came installed on this computer, would be to work with.  No, it would not be impossible, but with all of the “stuff” that I do not have the time and energy to do, I was sure longing for the very simple Windows Movie Maker.  As I know all too painfully well that one can find almost everything they are looking for on the web if they know the right question to ask.  Well, I was finally given the right question, and it turns out that one can simply reinstall the 2012 Windows Live Essentials Suite on a Windows 10 computer, and the Movie Maker is included.

As if our normal life around the house is not tornadic enough, Arlynda’s mother, who has lived with us for the past almost eleven years, decided to have one of her “spells” on New Year’s Eve, but this one was more serious than her others.  For she actually wanted an ambulance called to take her to the emergency room.  It turned out that she had a massive heart attack, which left half of her heart no longer pumping.

Yeah, “spells” conjures up visions of an old witch working her magic, and if I did not know better, I could argue that a bad spell had been broken.  For as soon as the EMTs arrived, Arlynda’s mother became the sweetest little-old-lady ever.  She even told them that she did not want to be a bother when they asked if she wanted to be carried to where she could be placed on the stretcher.  This wonderful persona continued until she died a week ago last Sunday (January 15, 2017).  She would have turned 79 last Sunday (the 22nd).  No, I do not want to go into any details, but be assured that the sweetest little-old-lady ever did not live with us for the past almost eleven years.

Her funeral was held last Wednesday (the 19th) which Arlynda’s sister arranged.  Thankfully, Arlynda’s sister has been doing 99% of the work at going through their mother’s “stuff.”  Be assured that she crammed quite a collection into our small house.  Is there a market for empty catfood tins?  Around 100 have been found so far.  I gave up on throwing them in the trash after she kept digging them out and voicing her added displeasure with me.

In regards to Arlynda’s physical health, she has been getting along as well as possible.  She has not fallen again in weeks, and she has full movement in her right shoulder back.

Nothing has changed with me.  So, there is no need to elaborate.

Our two pups and two kitties are all doing well.  I have taken over the catfood duties.  I was already scooping the litterbox.  Grayson always laughs at me when it’s time.  Sigh.

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