Thursday, October 20, 2016

SiteHoundSniffs' Revenue-Sharing Program

I have always taken rejection rather personally, and it especially hurts when being rejected by those who know me.  For almost everyone included in the first round of listings on [] were included in one of the editions of the Sites To See series we had on here over the years.  Yet, only around 10% of those contacted so far have given permission to have their headers displayed on SiteHoundSniffs, and a few of those who did give permission did not know me from before.  No, there was no actual relationship established with most.  In fact, most never even acknowledged being included in a Sites To See edition, but it should have been proven in their mind that I am not trying to run any sort of spam-scam.

What am missing?  For I do not know how having your header displayed on SiteHoundSniffs could cause you any harm.  If anything, it should be of at least some benefit.  For a linked 300 x 150 (pixels) image certainly stands out over just an 18-point text link.

Sure, we are benefiting, too.  For the displayed headers enhance the experience for those stopping by to look for something of interest, but the links are of the greatest value, which are provided out of the juicy goodness of our little ‘ol pea-pickin’ hearts.

Okay, I do have an ulterior motive, but it is as pure as the freshly-fallen snow.  For I hope SiteHoundSniffs will generate enough revenue from outside advertising to make me a contributing member of society again and off of the welfare rolls.  If I could work enough for someone to pay me, I would do about anything, but I have not been able to for over 15 years now.  So, the 2-3 hours (on good days) that I can sit in front of this desktop and do what I do has to do.

Furthermore, I plan on sharing 90% of the advertising revenue with those gracious enough to let us display their header.  Of course, there will not be any advertising revenue to share unless the site has enough traffic.  So, if you could say something (preferable good) about SiteHoundSniffs here and there, it would be good for both yourself and us on this side of the screen.  Besides, if Grayson does not get enough treats…

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Monday, October 10, 2016 has Launced!!!

After a year and a half of setbacks, the new site directory is finally up and open for business.  Well, not exactly.  For any business to be conducted will have to wait until enough traffic comes by.  Until then, everything [] has to offer is completely free of charge, and after enough traffic starts coming by to attract advertisers, I hope to institute a revenue-sharing program.  Needless to say, I need your help with drawing attention to the site before there can any money to spread around.

To be completely honest about it, I am not real happy with the way the site looks so far.  One of the things I have learned is that WordPress will not accept any fancy text formatting that can be done with MS Word.  So, aside from wasting a ton of time upon MS Word formatting, I have had to settle for working with just the Arial font.  There is a plugin to allow for the use of Google Fonts, but it will not work with the current version of WordPress.  I suppose the same situation applies to first copying text to a Google Doc, which will accept a great deal of MS Word formatting, and then pasting it into the WrodPress text editor, which is supposed to work according to last year’s [Tessaract Theme/WordPress tutorial] by Tyler Moore.

Alas, I have made too many mistakes to get into.  At least I think I know a little more about what I am doing, but that has meant that the next disaster just has not happened yet.

The next step is to ask the 1,767, who have not yet given permission to display their header, for permission to do so.  I will then start adding sites.  The original plan was to launch with at least 5,000 sites listed, but when I discovered a better way to process them and had to start almost completely over, the first round was cut-down to 1,785 from 78 countries.  Learning the country of origin for sites has been really interesting to me, and I hope it will be for you, as well.

In regards to our physical health issues, Arlynda has not fallen since the last time almost two months ago, and she has regained almost full use of her right arm.  Her primary care physician moved to St. Louis, and we are now having a hard time finding her another to write the dozen (or so) prescriptions she has for her non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver and other things.  Her specialists will not do it.  My primary care doctor also moved out of town, but I have an appointment to see his replacement next month.  My high blood pressure and other “stuff” is being well-controlled by the medications I am currently taking.  So, I am hoping that he will not be hard to deal with.  There appears to still be no treatment for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome condition.

Please let me know what you think about [].  Hey,  Grayson will probably most definitely agree with you if you think it is not all that.  Sigh.

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