Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Ads

Arlynda and I were generally very disappointed with the ads broadcast during Super Bowl XLVII.  For far too many of them were ho-hum, at best.

Should this not be quite telling?  For if the powers that be at a corporation do not understand that one would be better off not being in the spotlight if they do not have anything that really shines, there may very well be nothing special about their product(s).  So, why would you want to purchase what they have to offer when you could get something else?

A good example of someone not getting it is Century21 Real Estate.  For I cannot recall the last time I saw one of their ads on the television before Super Bowl XLVII.  In fact, I even went to see if any of the real estate agencies in the area were still affiliated with them when a thought about them maybe being out of business zipped through a few weeks ago, and there they go spending millions of dollars for two 30-second timeslots during the Super Bowl broadcast to be filled with ads that were most definitely nothing special.  Well, I must admit that I only remember seeing one of their ads, which says a lot.

Anyway, there were some truly specials ads, as well as some that will probably garner more attention on account of how horrible they were than anything else (any publicity is good publicity?).  So, you get six for the price of three in this edition.  Gratuities are most certainly accepted—cash or charge.







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  1. I thought most of the ads were bad but that last one you have here was the worst.
    It made me think, could not ONE person have spoken up before this was produced and said it was rubbish? Remember the saying, "Wiser heads prevailed"? You don't hear that anymore because it never happens!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Kay!!! has been trying real hard to prove that they really don't have any shame for several years. I do not see where anyone has any reason to doubt that now.

  3. Oh Jerry the goat made me laugh so very very hard. Then the Budweiser commercial left me all teary eyed!

    I'm a sap! I hope ya'll have a great night. Tomorrow is our daughter's birthday and I need to get a little rest and then try to make a post for her!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Jackie!!! Yeah, I almost wet myself when that goat let out its first scream, and I think Arlynda actually did. The only reason why that Rav4 ad came in higher is on account of both of us being such big fans of The Big Bang Theory. I hope your daughter has a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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