Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Nicole's Bird-Watching Tip

It is much to my chagrin that negative feedback often counts for a lot more than the positive to me, and far too frequently, I feel rather apologetic when approaching someone about [SiteHoundSniffs]—as if I am doing something wrong.

Adding all the more to my shame is listening a little too intently to the whispers in my ear about it being quite obvious that our Heavenly Father is not supporting me in my endeavors concerning developing the new site directory.  “After all, would not the site have gone viral by now if He was?”

Yeah, I know where those whispers are coming from, but it still hits home a little too hard for my comfort.  Long after I have borne too much in my own very personal opinion, our Heavenly Father eases my burden in a myriad of ways, and this time was extraordinarily special to me.  For He arranged for the following email to be sent way.


My name is Jessica Lowe, I am a middle school science teacher in Colorado. My class is working on a project I have assigned that aims to get them outdoors and identifying wildlife and learning about what’s in our backyards and surrounding areas! We really enjoyed the birding and other wildlife resources and information on
 your page  Several of my students are choosing to create a plan to identify and observe birds for their project. I thought this would be an excellent idea to encourage hands on learning and exploring the nature and science that is all around us!

One of my students who is working on bird identification, Nicole, found this article about bird watching. It gives a lot of great advice for beginners and I wanted to share it with you so you could add it to your resources for others, especially those who are interested in getting into birding as a hobby or kids who are doing similar projects.

Thanks again for the great information and help with my students project! Please let me know if you decide to add the article Nicole found to your resources, I would be very excited to show her and the class that we were able to contribute. Have a great day!

Best Wishes,

Jessica Lowe


I am not ashamed to disclose that I choked-up with emotion while I was reading that email to Arlynda.  For it completely blew out of the water all of those negative comments and emails sent my way during days past.  Furthermore, it adds another layer of armor around my heart for when I run across another [proper English lady] and much, much worse.

No, I am not able to add Nicole’s bird-watching link to SiteHoundSniffs, but that does not take anything away from what a helpful article it is, nor how astute Nicole is.  Hey, she reminds me of what a wonderful kid I used to be!

Oh how I wish there were many, many more teachers like Ms. Lowe.  At least we can be confident of the children she teaches having a distinct advantage over others.  For practical application of what is in school textbooks is truly invaluable.  Hey, it was not until after I had been on the job at a machine shop for several weeks manually laying out the drilling pattern for [combine] wheel-flanges that it came to me that I was actually using trigonometry, which I had taken a class in during high school a few years before.  Ms. Lowe’s students are learning such lessons before having to fight for survival in the real world (naturally-speaking, of course).   

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  1. One positive comment can indeed do a lot toward eclipsing several, most, or even all of the negatives.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Silver Fox!!! Yeah, but I want it to be all good. (LOL?)

  2. What a nice letter and sent at just the right time. It would seem to me that this was the message telling you that you should stop taking all those negative comments to heart and do what your heart tells you is right. It was a pat on the back to encourage you to keep on keeping on :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Ann!!! Alas, I naturally have a great deal of trouble with walking by faith--not sight. So, keep the good stuff flowing my way--okay? I also need Gibbs to get with the program, too!

  3. Hello There.....Me, my Mommy, my Daddy, my Pack, and Holly want to thank you for the POTP and all the warm thoughts when we all thought we might have to say goodbye to Holly. She is doing great, the surgery was successful, and the evil "C" is no longer an immediate threat.

    POTP is so powerful when we all join paws in Blogville for a furiend.

    Thank you and we love you!

    Amber, Max, Holly, the Pack and the Pawrents!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Amber!!! That is such wonderful news. May our Heavenly Father continue to greatly bless you and yours.

  4. I cannot think of any words to express my heartfelt thanks for the condolence and sympathy you have extended. I am thankful to you and appreciate your thoughts at this time of the loss of Nellie.
    Thank You
    Barb (Nellie's Mom)

    1. You are welcome, my dear Barb!!! Be assured that it is a blessing to me to help give comfort to the hurting. Ann (of Zoolatry fame and fortune) spreads the word about such situations.


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