Thursday, November 27, 2008


Link: [A Proverbs 31 Woman Wannabe]

Link: []

NOTE: FIVE FOR FRIDAY is a weekly feature on this blog that is meant for the SOLE purpose of calling attention to sites that I think that many would find interesting. There are 5 more sites to see at [FishHawk Droppings] and [All Arkie].


  1. Some cool sites today, Sir FishHawk.

    Eleanor is already checking them out.

    Happy (day after) Thanksgiving!

    Geoff (and Eleanor, surfing the net),
    from "This Side of Paradise"

  2. Thanks, my dear Sir Geoff!!! It's good to hear that you and Lady Eleanor survived relatively intact.

  3. Very cool way to network.

    I am a friend of Tamela's from Tamela's Place. I am making rounds on other bloggers in my network of bloggers and visiting their blog friends.


  4. Thank you so very much, my dear James!!! I just visited your three blogs, and I would encourage as many as will to do the same.

  5. Thanks for visiting my three blogs.
    Obviously, according to the dates, I do not post on two of them. Those would be Love One Another and the Study Guide to Love One Another.

    You have an interesting blog scheme. I'd say the poems are effective. My problem is, I'm not very good at reading between the lines. To me, that is what I have to do in reading poetry. But, then, when I finally get it, I have an 'ah ha' moment. Then the entire poem seems to suddenly make sens. I guess it is finding the subject and understanding it before I get the rest.
    I'll visit again.

  6. Umm, I don't know what poetry you are referring to, my dear James. For I have posted the lyrics to several WhiteHeart songs here, and the lyrics to several other songs on FishHawk Droppings, but I am fairly sure that I have not posted anything that could be considered as poetry in a publishable sense on this blog. Anyway, I hope our Heavenly Father helps you to understand what something is really saying more quickly, and I really appreciate you coming by.


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