Friday, September 26, 2008


Link: [This Side of Paradise]

Link: [Dharma the Cat's Blog]

NOTE: FIVE FOR FRIDAY is a weekly feature on this blog that is meant for the SOLE purpose of calling attention unto sites that I think that many would find interesting. There are 5 more sites to see at [FishHawk Droppings].


  1. Sir FishHawk...I will inform Geoff at "This Side of Paradise" that his blog has been featured on your Fabulous Five For Friday. Peace and joy.

  2. I hope Eleanor approves. Thanks, my dear Mad Celt.

  3. Geoff and Eleanor here from "This Side of Paradise ...."

    We are most thankful to be included in your "Five For Friday" recommendations.

    Eleanor says, "The Mad Celt calls FishHawk a Sir FishHawk -- does that mean he's one of the Knights of the Round Table?"

    Sir FishHawk, we are delighted, indeed. Delighted, and humbled. Thank you, most kindly, again.
    G & E

  4. I am but your humble servant, my dear Lady Eleanor, and I would endeavor to defend your honor unto my dying breath if thou willst but aid Sir Geoff in his quest to complete your biography.

  5. Eleanor: "Dear Sir FishHawk -- you are much too kind. I am trying to tell my Biographer everything, and sometimes I jump from one part of my life to another so much and so fast that he can't keep up with my story. I will try to give him a timeline he can work from. Perhaps that will help.

    "I so appreciate your protecting my honor. It's something we each need to protect -- our honor, who we really are inside, and all of those things that make up a character or a human being.

    "That's kind of funny what I just said, because everybody human should have a character -- I mean 'character.' It kind of goes with honor, doesn't it? Thank you again, Sir FishHawk."

  6. Be assured that character is what defines us, and in that respect, you are more real than most, my dear Eleanor.


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