Monday, August 11, 2008

...And Taking Names

Well, I suppose it would be more accurate to say, “And Giving Names.” For the implications of “taking” names is just the opposite of what is intended, but what do you expect from a reprobate?

Alas, be assured that I am well aware of the possible ramifications from the acceptance of such an award. For a debate has been raging in my head since first receiving notice of the award, and to be perfectly honest about it, I am not real sure of which side is saying what.

Yes, it is true that I was delivered out of the constant use of such language. In fact, nary a “cuss” word has passed from these lips of mine since I received an instantaneous cleansing of a profoundly foul mouth. Nonetheless, I also know that this removal of something that could get in the way of what our Heavenly Father wants me to say had much more to do with giving me personal experience with what He can do than with the removal of something that He finds highly offensive about myself.

Subsequently, it all comes down unto it being a matter of hypocrisy unto me. For I do consider it a great honor to receive such an award from someone I hold in the highest of esteem, and I do hold [The Natural State Hawg] in the highest of esteem.

Yes, I am being serious. For I consider the content of his blog to be both informative and entertaining, and it is in this respect that I would like to pass this award unto others I also hold in the highest of esteem. Hopefully, they will abide by the wishes of [MammaDawg], and not be as asinine about it as I am being.

Therefore, and without further ado, I would like the following to be hereby acknowledged and widely known as Kick Ass Bloggers:


  1. I have but two minutes this morning to write a quick hello and note of thanks . I am honored to get the props here buddy.

    Your blog is certainly worthy of this award, congrats! I will be back this afternoon after a long day at work read more.

    Peace and love!

  2. thanks for yor acknowlegement.

  3. Jerry,

    Thanks. This is great. I'm honored to be among your friends and an award on top of it all..what more could a girl ask for.


  4. Hey, two minutes is more than I usually get from my wife. Thanks, Calder!!!

    Oh yeah, this is supposed to be about you. Therefore, you are most welcome, my dear friend!!!

  5. You are most welcome, my dear Lance.

  6. Wow, getting a hug from you (even an electronic one) is worth giving you an award every day, my dear Lisa. I need to learn how to make some myself.

  7. First, congratulations Fishhawk for receiving this award, and second thank you for the recognition you have bestowed upon The Fearless Blog.

    If our work serves to enlighten others, then all is well indeed! Thanks again

  8. You are most welcome, my dear Ms. Cueto!!! May many come to be enlightened by your efforts.


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