Monday, May 28, 2007

Q&A Offer

This is my first attempt at blogging. So, please be patient with me.

Anyway, I have finally finished the book by the title of: Q & A Talking About The True Meaning Of Life And Some Other "Stuff". You can obtain a free copy of it by emailing me at, and I will then email a copy back to you.

Please be assured that I will not seek to harass you in anyway. For that would be to work against our Heavenly Father's purposes, but I would welcome any and all responses--even highly negative ones.

Under God's Grace,


  1. Since your category is religion, I bet you'd receive many negative comments the moment your readership rises. However, to prevent comment abuse, it's good to moderate comments. ^^

  2. Thanks for the advise, my dear WebbieLady, but I actually welcome negativity. For that offers even more of an opportunity to serve than positive comments. Your comment has served to get my attention about the fact that I should have changed the email address long ago. For it is now Thanks!!!


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